Education/Newsletter/June 2015/Education Program Extension enabled on Hebrew Wiktionary

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By Anna Koval (WMF) and Shani Evenstein (Wikipedia Education Collaborative)


Hebrew Wiktionary enables the Education Program Extension and becomes the first Wiktionary project to request it.

In February 2015, the Education Program Extension was enabled on Hebrew Wiktionary. The Education Program Extension was developed by the Wikimedia Foundation to assist educators and Wikimedians in their joint efforts to support classes of students editing articles on Wikipedia. It is currently enabled on 18 Wikimedia projects: 4 sister projects and 16 languages. This deployment is the first Wiktionary to request the extension.

Shani Evenstein, an Israeli educator and member of the Wikipedia Education Collaborative, suggested to one of the key members of the Hebrew Wiktionary community that it would be very easy to runs courses on the project using the Education Program Extension. Hebrew Wiktionarians agreed to install the extension, and on February 12, User:Amire80 requested the installation on Phabricator. The extension has since been enabled on the project. However, it has not been used yet. Shani has promised to teach the community how to work with the extension when they are ready to use it.

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