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        *World Wide Progression!*
 Last yr on 11/11/2014 rememberance day I wrote two identicle letters with my views, believes, reasoning, solutions and benifits with regards to our economic progress over the years, the letters consisted off 8 hand written pages all of which contained no direct blame with regards to our current situation, which i posted to both David Cameron and the Queen. Iv had 1 reply of Mr Cameron and 2 from the Queen.

I wrote stating how in my 32yrs off existance i've struggled to understand why leading partys strife indifferently to better our current situation, which has in the past resulted in "valuable" suggestions by opposing partys to be overlooked and permantly disregarded.

I personaly believe the negative spiral became imminent when the cane was abolished and an apposing party argued that the justice system would need revising, this was rejected then and is still rejected now.

Although even if they did reavulate the justice system at the time the cane was abolished, I still believe it would need revising now, because back then their wasnt the recreational facilities, educational programs or support teams that are available today.

As time spent doing nothing gave plenty off time to gather regrets and hold some remorse. Where as todays facilities occupys their time,satisfying their needs, leaving them with no time or reason to form regrets and genuine remorse.

We cant exactly remove any off these facilities as that would be breeching the Human Rights Act.

So ideally we should up all sentencing to its maximum penalties atleast, as we've for a long time tried reduced sentencing which has left prisons permantly overcrowded, under manned, non functional and unsafe.

Not only that, reduced sentencing as had the opposite affect with regards to conquering street crime, drug abuse and antisocial behaviour, infact I believe its been more affective as a form off rest bite for repeat drug related offences, as the majority will undoubtadly be suffering personal hardships which ineviteably jeapordises their health and wellbeing with in the community.

Margeret Thatcher whilst in parliment realised antisocial behaviour was on a continual rise, so as a means to gain back some control she introduced taxes on products and produce, as a means to make it less affordable for such people to put themselfs in a position where they could become a nuissance.

Making such changes as a means to control rising crime wasnt necessarily wrong nor was it right, yet failing to re address the earlier issue off the justice system, would prove to continually hinder our progressional progress.

We've since opted for alternative methods such as, alternative punishment, rehabilitation, education, support, therapy, counciling and fines on the hope off narrowing continually rising levels off crime, all off which are medial efforts with regards to their affectiveness.

The budget for negative spending massively over shadows the budget for positive/progressional spending, which will continue to naturally widen due to population increases and annual increased costs off living/wages/resources.

Generaly speaking victims are offered compensation because theirs no criminal justice to be gained via sole convictions.

Although im sure victims would recover better through knowing the persons involved have recieved criminal convictions whilst been permantly stripped off relevant dignitys whilst maintaining their identity. This would also stop further instances immediately.

This is causing adverse affects with in the public sector due to increased pressures on annual budgets, causing shifts off finances/compensation to be costed in after allocating budgets. Its these "X" amounts off non pre-determinal expenses that are cripling our econimical recovery by forever increasing the deficit from term to term regardless of best intentions.

Failing to reavulate our justice system will eventually cause an economical breakdown, as we are rapidly losing trust through neglegental systems destroying believes, by allowing corruptability to be a means off progressing forward, its wrong.

If we maximised sentencing and stopped compensation, we could also cut back on alternative methods of support, which would allow for positive spending almost immediately.

Although sometimes compensation payouts or not always a case of criminal conviction, this is often the case with in qualified practices, through miss handled information.

I believe coursework based qualifications are likely to offer up indifferences with in knowledgeable practices due to coursework often been wordprocessed, which can not be proven to be origonal to the person submitting the work.

I also believe its not uncommon for some people to have had outside help with their coursework off family or friends for fear of failure.

So I suppose in somecases a person may not have had any involvement what so ever, but believe they could revise the exam and pass finishing with half a qualification, which would leave some to improvise with the knowledge they have, causing indefferences in knowledge.

An easy solution to this would be to require coursework to be hand written which would increase absorbtion of knowledge through copying the text if theyve had help. Yet I believe it'd be defeating the objects off lazyness so most would opt out off outside support.

Also why should anyone have the burden off allocating budgets when taxes paid in each individual sector are realistic values off the usage within each sector, so why not on an annual note allocate a % of taxes directly bk into each individual sector. The % of such taxes would automatically be freed up after the justice system had been reavulated limiting negative spending, which in turn allows for the public sector to become a constituate of equal progression on every basis.

If we did this annually working conditions would be up to par, which in turn would allow for annual payrises and possible expansions.

Not only that if tax on products and produce went back to manufactuers then this would go part way to ensuring working conditions abroad met regulated standards, whilst giving them the oppurtunity to earn wages relevant to their expected living costs.

Its unfair that people are having to emmigrate to provide for their familys. Modern progression allows us to travel the globe freely, so do you not think its about time financial equality did the same.

Its no good taking advantage off the less knowledgeable as its hindering our econimical struggle by enhancing continental suffering and resentment.

So bearing in mind if taxes went bk into each individual sector, i believe that union strikes could become a thing off the past, although their would still be the issue off pensions that are yet to be unitedly resolved.

Although personaly speaking I think its wrong to discriminate people in retirement, especially if theyve worked their whole lifes. Sometimes people regardless off excessive efforts can not gain the skills or pay to secure a decent pension.

Yet it is these people that cant acquire the knowledge or skills to secure a comfortable pension that are the back bone off every community, so why not base pensions on the number off a hrs a person has worked as apposed to skilled payment plans.

Although I also believe allowing early pensions will inevitably create countless more homeless O.A.P in the near future, due to the fact that some will end up claiming state benefits whilst been stuck in an oversized property with added costs, plus cripling utility bills, from which they cant down size from due to the lack off one bedroom properties, so believe it inevitable that for some the streets will be their retirement home, which after a life time off working will be so degrading that they wont ask for the support they so desperatly need! Its slow torcher and most certainly a cruel act to put before all ready needy individuals.

Yet I also believe the deficit from person to person is widening, yet we live for equality so what is happening across the board?

I believe where still encouraging classism through limiting certain proccesses with regards to means off income. Obviously theirs a clear bench line which inevitably we could all start from, be that the benefits system or minimum wage, which is our lowest ecpected income.

Yet when it comes to the other side off this scale theirs no limits on incomes, which is encouraging classism. I think their should be a realistic limit on exccessive profits that can be personaly claimed by any buisness. Why not realistically take a % of profits after costs, then split the rest equally amongst all employees as it's the whole of the team of employees that create such profits through teamwork.

As for climate change, I believe that renewable energy should be the way forward. England was big on it a couple off years ago, but they've soon worked out loss off profit is more important than lowering emmisions.

Energy shouldnt be looked upon as a moneymaker.

I mean they say that glaciers are shrinking and sea levels are rising due too global temperatures rising.

Well I disagree with this totaly because if this was the case sea levels would rise equally from coast to coast, which is not the case.

Reason being that water added to water regardless off objects will disperse equally.

So Im more inclined to believe that after yrs off mining and drilling the cavitys left behind will and have eventually filled with earth due to the constant force off gravity.

So their for I believe its more a case off land masses sinking. Our north coast is constantly falling into the sea. Yet they say its natural errosion yet again the north sea as been drilled almost dry.

Scientest located a hidden ocean buried beneath the sea. Whats the odds that it was indeed a cavity that had previously been mined and instead off gravity getting in first the sea did.

Where ever theirs been masses off mining and drilling you'll generally find the difference in enviromental changes are some what equivalent.

Their basically digging our graves if you ask me. Mount Everest has got to be the largest well known sink hole to date, although new Zealand as had one of its own peaks cut short by 20ft. Whats the combined loss in cubic mass of these two peaks? I'm reckoning the mass lost could quite easily equate to the size of an island.

Its also unfair to bring culture and race into their self gain for distraction purposes only its moraly wrong.

But since we are generally visually orrientated it seems the obvious route.

Religion doesnt matter to politics but it does person to person which has just turned out to be an added bonus to politicions, giving them a purpose amongst the majority battling terrorism.

I wish I could open people eyes and remove the animosity that is allowing such people to destroy the world we live in.

For years i've questioned our Evolution origons with an open mind to all believes, and It wasnt until after I'd read an article by cern about Recreating a black hole, I watched a documentry about super massive blackholes, that I finalised my thinking.

Recreating a black hole would be a crazy idea because according to Stephen Hawkins Theory black holes decay eventually..

This happens when tiny heat particles outside the event horizon take a small amount off mass when released. Moving at the speed off light the mass dissolves almost immediatly.

It is these heat particles that are released when a black hole is decaying that scientists will use to identify if their recreation is successfull. So am I wrong in thinking that this would prove to be a great risk in controlling the size off these recreations.

Because without no prior awareness until point off decay would prove to be very fool hardy indeed because theirs no means off control what so ever as to the size.

Gosh it is utter madness, theoreticly the higgs bosun affect was proven to exist well before practicality became a thought in action, so why on earth they cant theoreticly advance further progression in the same manner is beyond ridicolous. They have the knowledge that the theoretical building blocks used to identify the higg bosun affect are correct so should least hold confidence in their acheivements to date.

Yet I also believe they where lucky in translating theoretical knowledge into practice in the first place through having had a solid enough understanding off the proccess they where hoping to achieve.

Although this is not quite the case with regards to blackholes. Putting ideas off theoretical intentions in to practice isnt the same as putting theoretical knowledge into practice.

Without first fully understanding the concept off individual reactions, movements, changes and transformation would in the end prove very futile.

Seeking answers via practical means for initial understanding isnt wise when theirs so many tiny variables that could easy form catastrophic reactions that are unknown to man.

If we look hard enough and long enough im sure the answers we seek will offer themselfs up when needed. I personaly believe its best to fully understand the concepts via theoretical based learning before dabbling with the unknown practicalitys off behavourial characteristics with in the reaction as a whole...

I mean if they cant devise the technology to study them in reality what makes them think theyve the technology to control something they cant see in practice.

Stephen hawkins believes when the last black hole decays then that will be the end off the universe as we know it.

I personaly believe that we are the creation off a decayed blackhole as apposed to a big bang.

We share simular characteristic as black holes, the first been gravity and the second being magnetism.

I also believe every living being regardless off species all have a spark unique with in their personalty, this is what characterizes individuals amongst species. This spark off life has no biological description, nor physical state or place with in the atomical structure off any being.

Although our biological understanding is impressive theirs still alot to learn about the power house (brain) off all beings, we've split understanding off the brains capabilitys and purpose.

We know the brain is sparked with electrical signals that promote and conduct mechanical instructions relative to the beings survival via the nervous system.

We also know from studying these instructional signals and actions that lobaly each section off the brain is specificly designed to carry out specific dutys.

Although the relativity amongst all lobal sections is largely un discovered due to individuality causing uncertanties in relating unique characteristics to specific dutys.

From the beginning of recorded time, Mental abilities and awareness have always been met with uncertain frustrations. Its Human nature to be afraid off the unknown, and even more so when met with future and past predictions.

We know from historical documents around the world that theirs been divinitive beings recognised for their exceptional qualities around the globe.

We know them today as Saints or Gods. Yet individualisticly believes differ from coast to coast, continent to continent on whom was the most diffinitive amongst all in recorded history.

This battle off wills has help lose sight off what can be gained via observing the nature off both past and present non descriptable capabilities.

Obviously in the beginning of time their wasn't a world wide community that was in constant connection with each other, so when looking at divinitive recordings from continent to continent the similaritys where extroadinary, so for some this became in-comprehendable.

Individualy speaking each divinitive being came at a time when increased populations caused constant progressional deteriation on survival instinks and abilities.

The power off self believe along with a pure willingness in the creative nature off survivalistic needs caused such individuals to channel peoples faith into believable actions through personal inclinations of self expressions.

Been worlds apart from both physical understanding and mental awareness resulted in divinitive figures having to retreat, escaping the volatile nature off sceptism forced out by eagotistical control measures.

Overtime such people have remained a constant source off aggravated progression in all areas off humanity. Yet people selflessly disreagard the basis off our origon and its inititial structure.

Regardless off continental isololation the basis and projectionary methods used in the expression of divine beliefs and achievements from religion to religion are almost identicle in the process off formulating and understanding the expressive needs off nutured actions.

Thus creating miracles by fully understanding the possibility off possibilities.

Modernism along with the need to seek individuality has narrowed the divinitive understanding into subjected views off self prefferenced beliefs.

Many individuals from the modern age have supersensitive senses with regards to unrecorded mental abilities with in a subjected field of set action and outcomes.

Todays partial awarness off such senses existing is due to previous fears off public persicution been dismissed as witchery so their for the believe in joining faiths was never again realised to the extent off past saints.

Its normal to have a uniqueness these days so people have for some time felt comfortable enough to expressively trial supersenses in order to gain a better insight of self and external awareness.

This is commenly expressed in many everyday activities, that for a long time was ridicouled. Many a magician have the power off self belief, by deluding expectations into a reversed action off premeditated gestures.

We have hypnotists that can tune into the specifics off inclusions and exclusions off actions triggered by gestured awerness. Possibilities off doin the once inpossible become possible regardless off previous abilitys.

Telepathy is common amongst magicians and illusionist. The power of controlled electrical projections through thought alone have powered motorized equiptments off various types and categories.

Clairvoyants are widely used as means off connecting with the after life, the methods vary from person to person. Individuals often use aids to enhance connections at any one time. Some people connect via sound, others by sight, dreams, touch, and visions.

Individualy we all advance and focus on areas relevant to us on a personal level. Very rare do we remove our subjected opinions and value someone elses for reason other than that off self gain.

Regardless off modern ignorous I believe where all universaly connected since we can realiterate between normality and supersenses without any great difficulties or permanence off projectory aims.

The spark that lights our being and sets us apart from others holds no physical boundaries with in celesteal transformations through choice or in death.

So if where not mentaly bound by physicality then their must be a basis in which we stem from, which allows us to projectivly travel at a speed faster than light, which allows invisible connections almost immediatly.

Science as helped us shape and understand the universe we sit amongst. We know one action causes another causing a chain reaction of continual reactions.

As with our biological understanding(brain) their becomes a point where physical interferrance and observations stops analytical progression to point of no conclusion, so is the same with in the universe.

We have a basic understanding off possible futuristic universal projections with regards to the known of whats been observed.

Although our universal understanding off black holes is still in its early stages we know that these holes swallow its universal surroundings, ie, Stars...

It does this by pulling stars and other space debris in via the event horizon at more than the speed off light, till eventually their subjected to an extreme state off gravity called the plank density where emmense energy builds up squashing them far far beyond any immaginable state.

Even though where still in our infantcy with regards to fully understanding the expected and projected expectancies off blackholes some physcians have found a break through in the progressional rate off these infamous black holes.

Stephen Hawkins Theory is when the last black hole decays that will be the end off the universe as we know it...

Well I believe that we are indeed the creation off a decayed blackhole. Earth shares several characteristics to blackholes, gravity, magnetism, outer region/ozone layer and inner horizon/earth crust.

So if this was indeed the case biologicaly where built to walk earths plane but the powersource that characterizes individual could be the residual energy left after stars have been manipulated beyond expectations through an extreme state off gravity.

Which in turn could give us a solid enough foundation to base all humanitarian efforts on the same level.

I believe that the life forces that give individuality have been around since the beginning off creation.

We know that dinosours where the first species to walk our planet, and we also know that regardless off huge enviromental changes they survived many periods, and we also know that all species can communicate with in species.

Through out these periods, evolution changes can be seen within species, and adaptations amongst species. It is known that throughout these periods dinosaurs with in species gradually gained in size in order to characterize individuals with in species.

So bearing in mind these creatures survived huge ecological changes throughout the different phases believe that they had a universal understanding off their enviromental position with regards to survivalistic needs.

So their for with the above in mind believe that the species on a whole knew prior to enviromental extinsion what was at fault, due to the gradual enviromental changes that where relevant with regards to evolution changes with in the species throughout the different phases.

We know through physical and scientific observations that species over time will evolve or adapt with physical changes in order to survive enviromental changes.

So bearing in mind their understanding alone enabled them to survive multiple enviromental changes successfully believe that the species on a whole decided that if they faced imminent extinsion they'd have no choice but to evolve into a smaller species.

Yet without first fully understanding their evolution proccess into an apapted species rusulted in the species progression coming to a stand still.

We know this to be true as theirs a massive gap in our evolution progression. Yet for years we've tried to understand the creation off mankind with out any real success.

Yet I believe when extinsion became imminent the dinosaurs understandment off their pre-proposed evolutionary adaptations had them return as single cell organisms. Which explains the lack fossilised progression through continual changes and phases throughout recorded time.

We also know through archeological awareness that the cavemen, neandophols where the next species to walk the Earth.

By studying anatomical sciences we know man can influence creative proccesses by interpretating physicological enviroments and proccesses in order to replicate its initial surrounding. Which is known to bring about life through scientific influence as apposed to natural selection.

So bearing in mind cavemen where the next species to follow the tri-asic-phases believe that the newly evolved single cell life forces where still able to commune with one another after facing their initial extension, yet due to enviromental challanges where unable to evolve naturally due to the enviroment not been able to support further adaptation immediately.

Yet I do believe that eventually regardless off numerous enviromental shifts these single cells communed between them, whilst gradually adapting to their current surroundings until such times the enviroment supported evolutionary change.

Which bring us back to cavemen. I honestly believe if we can encourage scientific creations through replicating specific enviromental changes believe that caves somehow did the same.

I strongly believe through unique enviromental changes with in these caves these single cellular organism managed to replicate the natural creative proccess leading to mans creation as we know it today.

I know where all intereconnected somehow, which inturn as shown itself through out time, by our choices with in historical and progressional observations off enviromental awareness.

Subconciously we all know theirs more to life than what can be physicaly seen, yet where missing the relativity off everthing. We need to interconnect all forms off knowledge both past and present to fully grasp the true aspects of creative evolution and its origons...

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