Education/Surveys/Bulgaria education survey OMPR 2012-2013

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This was the survey for the Wiki Education course
on Online Media and Public Relations (OMPR)
in New Bulgarian University, Year 2012-2013. 
The survey was optional and anonymous.



Hello! Please, share your impressions and attitudes related to Wikipedia. The aim of the present survey is establishment and development of effective contemporary practices in the wiki-based education. Publication of the results from the analysis of the collected data does not allow identification of the respondents.
Some questions (marked with ) allow only one answer. Some questions (marked with ) allow more than one answer.
Please, try to answer to all questions. Thank you in advance!
  1. Have you used Wikipedia so far and for what?
    ☐ Yes, for information related to my education.
    ☐ Yes, for information related to my professional development.
    ☐ Yes, for enriching my general knowledge in areas that interest me.
    ☐ Yes, for wiki vandalism :)
    ☐ No, because I haven't found it in information about the things that interest me.
    ☐ No, I don't use Wikipedia, because I don't trust it as a source of information.
    ☐ Other:...
  2. Which language version do you use predominantly?
    ☐ Bulgarian.
    ☐ English.
    ☐ Other(s). Please, indicate: ...
    ☐ I don't use Wikipedia.
  3. How do you find the information in Wikipedia?
    ◯ Satisfactory.
    ◯ Unsatisfactory.
    ◯ I don't know.
    ◯ I don't use Wikipedia.
  4. What would motivate you to get involved in the WEP project OMPR?
    ☐ I have been long considering to start contributing to Wikipedia, and the project is a good occasion to start.
    ☐ Wikipedia is interesting for me as a media and social phenomenon, and I'd like to get to know it in more details.
    ☐ I'd like to understand better how the wiki software functions.
    ☐ I like challenges and I am curious what will come out of the project.
    ☐ I like the opportunity of expression in front of the wide audience like the one consisting of the users of Wikipedia.
    ☐ I would participate only motivated by the score.
    ☐ Other: ...
  5. Do you think that participating in the project by writing new articles in Wikipedia...
    ☐ ... will be useful for you?
    ☐ ... will be useful for the readers, looking for quality information on Wikipedia?
    ☐ ... will be an interesting experience?
    ☐ ... will be easy to accomplish?
    ☐ Other: ...
  6. Do you like the idea of such a learning project?
    ◯ Definitely yes.
    ◯ More yes than no.
    ◯ Both yes and no.
    ◯ More no than yes.
    ◯ Definitely no.
  7. In your academic practice so far, have you encountered questions, related to:
    ☐ respecting / violating copyrights.
    ☐ free licenses, free content.
    ☐ neutrality of information.
    ☐ reliability of the sources of information.
  8. How have the rest of your teachers addressed to issue of using Wikipedia in the learning process (general trend)?
    ◯ Our teachers do not allow us use Wikipedia in any possible way.
    ◯ Our teachers allow using Wikipedia only for reference purposes, but do not allow us to cite it.
    ◯ Our teachers allow us to use and cite Wikipedia.
    ◯ Our teachers encourage us to use and cite Wikipedia.
    ◯ Our teachers encourage us to contribute to Wikipedia.
    ◯ We have never discussed the topic.
  9. Complete the sentence with your own words: "For me, Wikipedia is ..."
    (and please do not limit yourself to "a source of information", we all know that! :) )
  • Gender:
  • Year of birth: