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Please share your impressions and attitudes related to Wikipedia in the forthcoming course
"Wikipedia and Wiki Technologies" 2013-2014. The aim of the survey is improving the course, 
as well as establishment and development of effective modern practices in teaching adult learners. 
The survey is optional and anonymous. Please try to provide answers to all questions. Thank you!


Definitely no Rather no Undecided Rather yes Definitely yes
1. Have you used wiki software so far, and for what?
* For personal needs
* In educational context
* On my workplace
2. Have you ever Wikipedia and for what purposes?
* For information related to my studies
* For information related to my professional realization
* To enrich my general knowledge on issues that are of interest to me
3. How do you use the content of Wikipedia?
* For references and links to other sources of information
* As a primary source of information
* Other (please specify)
4. Which language version of Wikipedia are you using (most often)?
* Bulgarian (i.e. the local one)
* English
* Other (please specify)
5. What motivated you to join the course?
* I have long wanted to contribute to Wikipedia, and the course is a good reason for that.
* Wikipedia is interesting to me as a media and social phenomenon and would like to understand it more thoroughly.
* I would like to figure out what the wiki software is.
* I joined because I assumed getting an easy mark.
* Other (please specify)
6. Do you think the course will be:
* Easy
* Interesting
* Useful
7. How well do you know Wikipedia and wiki technology?
* I know the rules and policies of Wikipedia.
* I know how to edit Wikipedia and / or other wiki websites.
* I have installed a wiki.
8. In what ways do you think you would mostly contribute?
* Articles on any topic.
* With articles on topics related my studies / work.
* With articles about things that interest me personally (hobbies).
* With specification and editing of facts and data.
* With spelling and stylistic edits.
* With the addition of my own multimedia materials: images, graphics, video.
* With programming scripts and bots.
9. From your previous academic experience, have you ever faced issues related to:
* Compliance/Violation of copyrights
* Free licenses for software and other content
* Information neutrality
* Reliability of information sources
10. How do your teachers consider using Wikipedia in the learning process?
* Our teachers do not allow us to use Wikipedia in any way.
* Our teachers allow us to use Wikipedia for background information but not to cite it.
* Our teachers allow us to use and cite Wikipedia.
* Our teachers encourage us to use and cite Wikipedia.
* Our teachers encourage us to contribute to Wikipedia.
* It has never been discussed.
11. Complete the sentence: "For me Wikipedia is... " (please, don't write "an encyclopedia" :) )