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Many measurable program goals can be assessed with Wikimetrics, an online tool for measuring the productivity of groups of users on wiki pages, developed by the Wikimedia Analytics team.

All you need to do is ensure that you collect all student usernames. The Education Program MediaWiki Extension offers a way to capture student usernames automatically. You can learn more about it here. If it is installed on your language Wikimedia project, we recommend that you use it. If it is not installed on your language Wikimedia project, see this link for information on how to get it installed.

Other qualitative data, such as article quality information, cannot be gathered through Wikimetrics. So if you set article quality goals, make sure you have the means to evaluate article quality. For more about measurable goals, see the Program Evaluation portal.

For courses and programs using the Education Program extension, the ListStudents API can be used to list the usernames of students in one or more courses for convenient upload to Wikimetrics.

There is a new feature which can be used to run a standard report with very little data needed. No cohorts need to be created and validated. Simply paste in a list of user names, select the time zone, the start date and the end date and time, and then click the blue button to run the report. Click "My Reports" to view the report.


On 10 June 2014, Wikipedia Education Program Manager Tighe Flanagan recorded a video tutorial via Google Hangout in which he explained and demonstrated Wikimetrics. The purpose was to discuss metrics from an education program leader's perspective, walkthrough tools for collecting numbers, and discuss collecting standard metrics or the same numbers globally. Additional tutorials may be offered in the future.

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This Wikimetrics Training on Meta wiki consists of three modules that will teach you how to use WikiMetrics. This training covers: how the tool works, what you need to download data, and how to use the online tool.