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In March 2016, the Wikipedia Education Collaborative agreed on the following goals. There are three main goals, each broken down into short (6 months out), medium (12 months out), and long term (18 months out) components.

Graphic recording from the Stockholm meeting with the Collab goals.

Program and Events Dashboard[edit]

Goal: By July 2017, collaborate between the WMF & communities to have the dashboard functioning in ten different languages & at least two different projects.

Short Medium Long term
  • Testing
  • Translation of the tool
  • Identify list of desired features
  • Simplify phabricator dashboard project
⇨ ⇨
  • Continue testing
  • Continue translation of tool
  • Prioritized list of desired features
⇨ ⇨ ⇨
  • Deployment of the dashboard
  • Download historical data from the education extension and import that to dashboard

This line of action is the main focus for the following Collab Members:


Goal: By July 2017, The Collab will have trained its members in mentorship techniques and have clear processes in place for mentoring that include follow-up and evaluation.

Short Medium Long term
  • Bank of experts
  • Determining mentoring process
  • Clarifying process for connecting mentor and mentees
  • Communication channels
⇨ ⇨
  • Training the trainers
  • Shared guidelines
⇨ ⇨ ⇨
  • 5-10 successful mentorships, determined by follow-up and evaluation

This line of action is the main focus for the following Collab Members:

Resources & Communication[edit]

Goal: Increase visibility of the Wikipedia Education Programme.

Short Medium Long term
  • Optimize portal for educators, teachers & mentors
  • User testing on education toolkit
  • Showcase the success of the Wikipedia Education Programme at conferences
  • Identify a place on the education portal for the new video to live
⇨ ⇨
  • Make recommendations for sharing the Wikipedia Education Programme Video
  • Create videos interviewing educators & students - include in portal
⇨ ⇨ ⇨
  • Share education programmes on social media & blogs (1 publication/month)

This line of action is the main focus for the following Collab Members:

Historic measures of success[edit]

Measures of success from the kickoff meeting in Prague[edit]

After one year, we will evaluate the success of the Collaborative. We believe it will be a success if:

  • The initial member programs have a larger impact on Wikipedia than they did the previous year.
  • Five new programs received support through the Collaborative’s members.
  • New active members have joined the Collaborative.
  • The Collaborative has developed materials and learnings in conjunction with the WEP team at WMF.
  • Collaborative members successfully develop a strategy to help program leaders deal with problems they encountered.

Measures of success from the Collab improvements in summer 2015[edit]

The Wikipedia Education Collaborative will be considered successful if it can do the following:

  • Create/encourage others to create 1 new learning pattern or expand an existing one every month.
  • Engage with, add to and/or endorse 25% of new education program learning patterns created in that quarter.
  • Spend at least 1 hour of live mentoring sessions on video calls, chat, email etc to give guiding lessons to education program initiators on education extension, grants, etc per quarter.
  • Post 2 posts/quarter to the facebook group about lessons learned from WEP.
  • Create/translate 50% of content for at least one helping brochure in one quarter (3 months). Or, develop content for 1 new one-page lesson for student editors in one month.
  • Write/encourage others to write 2 newsletter posts/month.
  • Write/encourage others to write 1 blog post/quarter.