Education/Newsletter/December 2012/Some Statistics from the Czech program: explosion of new projects

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After a steady growth of the Czech program "Students Write Wikipedia" last year, the winter term of 2012/2013 was meant to be a calmer period when the program would be saturated. The reality is different, though, as the amount of running projects (currently eleven) in fact outnumbers the amount of projects realized in both terms of the last year. New teachers have been writing every week recently, asking to join our program. As we have built a modest community of ambassadors recently, we have been able to answer positively to their calls.

The list of most prominent university participants include Faculty of Science, Charles University (3 projects running), Faculty of Arts, Palacky University (2 projects running) and Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University (2 projects running). Among the other institutions are new-comers to our education program - Faculty of Multimedia Communications (Tomas Bata University in Zlín) and Higher Professional School of Restauration in Brno. This means that we have not only covered three most important university cities in the Czech Republic, but we also spread out to smaller, yet, for the case of Wikipedia outreach, very important campuses. Although 100% of running projects never gets realized in the end for various reasons, we have a right to believe that the results will easily beat our last term achievements.