Education/Newsletter/June 2013/German Wikiversity continues its relaunch

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As mentioned before, German Wikiversity is currently undertaking a relaunch, trying to make it more attractive and viable within the German OER and e-learning landscape.

After providing a Moodle available for all Wikiversity language versions, in May 2013 the open-source video-conferencing system BigBlueButton has been added by sysop Jan Luca to Wikimedia Labs. It can be used by everyone who is interested in running a course on Wikiversity.

Also the main page has been given a more modern look and feel by Aschmidt, while Ralf Roletschek has added some colour to the Wikiversity banner graphics which, we think, could use a bit of fresh air. The main news page is now also available via a Wordpress blog.

Among the new users to Wikiversity are Deutsche SchülerAkademie, supporting intellectually gifted pupils in Germany. They are running a course on how computers work, using a Raspberry Pi and programming in C. It comes complete with excellent screencasts by Renepick made with free software.

What's more, the German Wikiversity community prepares for its first meetup ever on 19/20 July 2013 at Limburg an der Lahn, organised mainly by Wvk. Hope to see you there!