Education/Newsletter/September 2012/Next year of cooperation between WikiProject Protected areas on Czech Wikipedia and Charles University

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Pulsatilla pratensis subsp. nigrans, photo by student.

As last year, people from WikiProject Protected areas are just fine-tuning the details of this year's cooperation with Jiří Reif, teacher of "Ochrana krajiny a přírody" (Environmental conservation) course at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. His class will contribute to the field of protected areas in the Czech Republic as a part of their evaluation. Students will have to visit one protected area of their choice, take several images of this place, write a comprehensive article with references on Czech Wikipedia and make a lecture in the class for their classmates and for teachers. This cooperation was held last year with 30 students and resulted in 30 high quality articles and got quite a positive feedback from students. We hope that we will have great results this year as well. This term will finish in the end of 2012 and a project report will be released in the first quarter of 2013. Their participation will be a part of our current ambassador activities. More information about our program is available here.