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Wikipedia teaches students living history
Amy Hughes

Professor Amy E. Hughes teaches Western theater history at Brooklyn College, and last term she piloted a Wikipedia assignment in her class. Five students in her course contributed to Wikipedia articles on theater history. Professor Hughes authored a blog post on the Wikimedia Foundation blog recently describing her experiences and what she felt students learned from the project. Read the post.

Arab World program wraps up third term
Student contributions to Arabic Wikipedia, 2012-13

Students in Jordan, Egypt, and Algeria put the finishing touches on Arabic Wikipedia articles they wrote as part of their coursework this term. And the numbers are outstanding. Students this term contributed 12.79 million bytes to the Arabic Wikipedia, more than doubling last term's 5.97 million bytes. The steady growth of student contributions to the Arabic Wikipedia each term is incredible, and it is thanks to the hard work of volunteer leaders throughout the Arab World. Read more about the contributions of students last term.

US, Canada students add 17 War and Peaces

Students in the United States and Canada program have added the equivalent of 17 War and Peace's worth of content to the English Wikipedia in the three years of the program's existence. After six terms, students have added 43.4 million bytes of high-quality content to the English Wikipedia. Each term, more than 1,200 students participate in the program. Read more data about last term.