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The goal of this case study is to study the growth of the English Wikipedia article 2b2t, from its initial creation via AfC (Articles for creation) to its recognition as a B-Class article.

Note: All times are in UTC.



2b2t is a multiplayer server in the sandbox video game Minecraft, created in December 2010.

Created as a draft via Articles for creation (September 9, 2019; 19:32)


2b2t was created as a draft and submitted on September 9, 2019, by 2017 user Melofors. It was initially a few paragraphs long with five references, and he continued making minor edits in the following days.

The draft was vandalized for the first time by a mobile IP editor on September 12, 2019, at 18:09, when its content was replaced with "2b2t will be DOWNED by December 2019" (diff).

The draft was declined by reviewer AngusWOOF the same day, his edit summary reading: "Declining submission: essay - Submission reads like an essay and npov - Submission is not written in a formal, neutral encyclopedic tone". He commented that the draft read like a review of the server without showing its significance (diff).

The draft was re-submitted by user Nooneatall2019 on September 30 (diff), although few improvements had been made. It was declined on October 27 by reviewer Utopes for the same reason as AngusWOOF's. He commented that the problems brought up by AngusWOOF had not yet been properly addressed (diff).

Melofors continued making edits, cleaning up the article. He submitted it for the third time on November 14 (diff), and it was rejected by reviewer Bkissin an hour later for not being notable (diff), although some argued that it was wrongfully declined, as the draft included multiple independent and in-depth sources vetted at WP:VG/RS.

A reception section was started by Hellknowz on November 19 (diff).

On November 22, Melofors consulted the AfC help desk in response. Reviewer Jovanmillic97 replied, stating that the declination was "a horrific rejection of a draft that met WP:GNG (with a clear need of expansion but WP:NORUSH)" (full discussion). He subsequently submitted the draft on behalf of Melofors (diff), before accepting the submission and moving it to mainspace as a Start-Class article on November 23, 2019, at 11:06 (diff).