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During the 2011 Egyptian protests, the country has been cut off almost completely from the Internet, visible from the perspective of Wikimedia sites as a sharp drop in traffic from Egypt on approximately January 27, 11 PM UTC, per diagrams provided by the Foundation's Data Analyst Erik Zachte.

Arab TV news station Al Jazeera, which is an important source of information on the events, has been releasing media under Creative Commons licenses for a long time, but usually with non-commercial and non-derivative restrictions that make them unusable for Wikipedia. On the suggestion of Aude, Al Jazeera agreed to relicense video footage showing clashes between police and protesters at Cairo's 6th October Bridge under the freer CC-BY-SA license. A "quick and dirty transcode" of the video has been uploaded to Commons.

Taken from en:Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2011-01-31/News and notes