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In this section Describe the the project. In 1-3 paragraphs describe the most important aspects of the case study, summarizing the other sections you will write.



This section will describe the cultural, institutional, and wiki background of your project. Context is very important for understanding how the case study may or may not apply to other contexts, and helps people looking for projects find ones that fit their context.

Make sure to write content that answers the following questions:

1. What opportunity allowed for the partnership with that organization?

2. Did it require additional resources, such as funding or a employee at the institution, to get started?

3. Why did the partner think that working with a Wikimedia Community would be a good opportunity?

4. What kinds of negotiation and/or agreement did you need to develop the partnership?

5. What experience did your community have before that made this project exciting or a reasonable next step?



This section is for describing what you hoped to achieve with the project; make sure to include description of not only your goals, but the goals of the partner

6. What did you intend to be the impact for this project?

7. What did your partner or collaborators intend for the project?

8. How did you plan to measure or evaluate that impact?

9. How did your goals change the design of the project?



In this section describe all of the steps involved in the project. If you used particular resources or tools documented online, make sure to provide links to them. Feel free to link to non-English resources, too! We want to see what people are using in various parts of our global community.

10. What was each step for the project? For each step:

11. Who was involved?

12. What tools did you use?

13. Did you create or refer to documentation? (include both English and non-English documentation)



14. In this section, describe the impact of this project: were they measurable results, or did you see other outcomes that can be seen in other ways?

Some questions that might help you write this section:

15. Did you meet your goals?

16. Did the data you collected help you to evaluate whether or not you met your goals?

17. Do you have any statistics or evidence of your impact?

18. What un-measurable or hard-to-measure outcomes happened as a result of the project?

Reflection and lessons learned


In this section, describe what, in hind sight, you understand because of the projects. This might include challenges or unexpected good things you learned from as part of the project. This section is a really good place to highlight how the project let you better anticipate the skills and needs necessary for.

19. What challenges did you anticipate and how did you plan to overcome them?

20. Did your plan work?

21. Did any challenges come up that you did not expect?

22. How did you troubleshoot?

23. What would you do differently next time?

24. What advice would you give to someone looking to do a similar project?

Resources/Links/Additional Context


This section is for any additional context that might strengthen the work of folks doing a similar project Include links here to:

  • Similar or related case studies
  • Additional resources, including documentation or relevant learning patterns