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Tour of the British Library during the Editathon in January 2011.



Wikipedia 10 edit-a-thon


In January 2011, coinciding with Wikipedia's tenth anniversary, Wikimedia UK and the British Library’s Digital Research & Curator team organized an "Edit-a-thon" at the British Library in London, where a group of Wikipedians could "access the resources of the British Library, guided by the expertise of its curators, with the joint aim of improving the content on Wikipedia that is relevant to the British Library's collections."

Find more information on this event on the January 2011 British Library Editathon page.

English and Drama edit-a-thon


Following on from their January program, the British Library's English & Drama department organized an editing event at the Library on 4 June. The aim was to combine the expertise of the public, Wikimedians and the Library's curators to improve Wikipedia's coverage of the literary individuals and collections related to the British Library.

See the June 2011 Wikimedia British Library Editathon page for more information.

Wikipedian in Residence


In May 2012 the British Library hired long-time Wikimedian Andrew Gray for six months to co-ordinate their collaboration with Wikimedia UK.