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The British Museum has developed multiple partnerships with Wikipedia and the UK Wikimedia Chapter including:

  • A Backstage Pass tour - A one-day event where Wikimedians were given guided tours of the museum followed by editing and collaboration.
  • A Feature Article Prize offering 5 £100 giftshop voucher prize for related to British Museum collection in any language. See link for details.
  • One on one collaborations between individual Wikipedians and curators on a particular topic.
  • The "Hoxne challenge" - A project to focus effort on one article with all resources made available
  • School translations project to have high school students in France translate the opening section of high importance articles, before coming to visit the museum.

One of the most notable of the projects has been the development of a Wikipedian in Residence program with Liam Wyatt, an Australian Wikipedia editor. During the five week residency, Wyatt developed the relationship between Wikipedia and the British Museum through a range of efforts. The British Museum project page includes extensive details on these projects, including media coverage, a list of blog posts in the museum sector about this project and the blog posts in the Wikimedia Community.