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Ressources for Astronomy career inspirations : My research, activities and career pursuit

Humanity’s scientific understanding

Support scientists.

In dream, is a magazine that I created in August 2018.

Through the publications, I disseminates and archives the results of astronomical research, also I communicates and I explains understanding of the Universe

In dream facilitates and strengthens the interactions through professional meetings and other means and can inform specialized research and astronomical interests but not only (please, see the details about that in my webspace)

In dream represents the goals of a community of members to the nation and the world, also works with other scientific and educational societies to promote the advancement of Science.

In dream supports the next generation of astronomers and promotes increased participation of historically underrepresented groups in astronomy.

And assists to develop skills in the fields of education and public, promotes broad interest in astronomy, which enhances science.

Mixed up inside or outside as electronic form, i write on Intellectual giftedness in Europe.

Precisely where i have experienced by many years to compare.

And on all the misinformation there, sadly!

Often, the society, the schools don’t adapt spaces for Talented and Gifted so alot of problems happens: sharp social and health problems with psychosocial consequences.

Some references and clues are there

I got amazing opportunities since some works with Wikimedia so, i launched a wiki dataset in the middle of November 2020

I work with ressources from IAU + 1 since 2018 from my first NASA International Observe the Moon Night participation.

I’m amazed and really grateful for all that has resulted.

I joined a large community whose scope I did not suspect, in respect of the general goals of initiative in promoting the key role of astronomy for development, education, outreach and diplomacy.

Updates 2022

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