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Ibero 90.9 is a non-lucrative radio station that has operated since 2002. It is sponsored by the Universidad Iberoamericana, based in Mexico City. Their programs explores different genres, languages ​​and trends from a contemporary and cosmopolitan proposal of alternative, pop and indy and have one of the non-commercial and academic proposal more interesting in Mexico.

Since early 2013 begin the talks with Wikimedia México and Ibero 90.9 staff about ideas of cultural partnering, with the premise of making a radio concept based on Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects differently, reflecting their importance in the digital life as a reference but from a fresh perspective, the average listener attached to the station profile, which is mostly youth.

Moebius 90.9




Moebius 90.9 is an idea developed by Wikimedia México and Ibero 90.9 that seeks to reflect the depth and breadth of Wikipedia through a common habit for many Wikipedia readers to start reading an article and end up in another quite different. Moebius makes a sound representation of the vastness of the closely related human knowledge between no more than six connection points each other. Wikipedia articles connected in the program are selected from the musical discourse of the station, current issues or themes of the culture of Mexico City, where the station is based and which are the majority of their audience.

Estethic concept of Moebius 90.9 is based in cyberpunk sounds and industrial textures and the name of the program refers to Möbius strip.

Moebius connection models are different:

a) Linear: a directional sequence of an article A to an E through one or more articles that would relate, for an example:

b) Rhizomatic: many articles related to each other, for example, all Wikipedia articles about to conspiracy theories.

c) Monothematic: there are huge Wikipedia articles, and have been reflected in a single program talking extracting contents thereof, for example, Lou Reed (as a tribute to his death) or Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez.



Moebius 90.9 have a half an hour duration on Saturdays at 8:30 am and is broadcasted at 90.9 of FM frequency of Metropolitan Area of Mexico City, as well as the website of the station. It is host by Almendra Hernández and with the collaboration of ProtoplasmaKid and Wotancito. The researchings and writing of the script is writed both of Wikimedia Mexico and Ibero 90.9, with the advising of Agustín Peña, head of talked contents of the station, who als performs the recording. Musical production is performed by the Ibero's staff.

During the program, was often reminded to audience that the show is derived from Wikipedia articles and constantly Are refered the Wikimedia projects rules and procedures, such as the fact that the public itself can edit.

In addition to Moebius 90.9, during 2013 Wikimedia Mexico gives workshops to the social service students who collaborate in the station about edition.


  • Moebius 90.9 was included in the Wikimedia Cool projects list presented at Wikimania 2013 by Nicole Ebber and Lodewijk Gelauff.
  • In a year was aired 43 Moebius shows, including more than 250 Wikipedia articles.

Lessons learned

  • There are still many ways to make cultural cooperation agreements in the Wikimedia movement, different from content creation or increasing the collections preserved by Wikimedia Foundation projects.
  • The vastness of knowledge accumulated by Wikipedia is a source that can build many projects that reflect their social importance.
  • The program increases public interest in Wikipedia and reach thousands of people every chapter
  • Moebius is unique in the Wikimedia movement, but that can be replicated freely by other wikimedians.