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Final photograph of edit-a-thon
Meeting with staff of Museo Soumaya and resident planning an edit-a-thon

Since early 2014, Wikimedia Mexico initiated a partnership with Museo Soumaya. The main objective of the agreement is provide access to the art collection which preserves the Fundación Carlos Slim, close to the 66,000 works spanning sculpture Mesoamerica sculpture, New Spain and Mexican painting of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and an extensive repertoire of works by old European masters and modern Western art, such as Auguste Rodin, Salvador Dalí, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo and Tintoretto. This collection belongs to Carlos Slim Foundation, and has two museums in Mexico City, which, unlike the vast majority of museums in Mexico City, are free to access and open every day of the year.

Museo Soumaya initiated partnering with Mexican chapter due one of the aims of this institution is provide access to artworks of great quality and great authors to the Mexican society in an open and accessible way as possible. In addition, the institution wants to integrate their collections to Wikimedia projects with quality and long-term initiatives and being the first museum in the country to join the projects with a planned and comprehensive work, inspired in other big projects done by the global GLAM initiative. This project started in 2014 with the support and work of Wikimedia Mexico and intends to constantly evolve.



From January 2014, mexican chapter members began the planning among staff of Museo Soumaya doing some ideas for projects. In June 8th 2014 the first event of this partnering was the First Editathon at the Soumaya Museum, with the attendance of 20 persons and part of museum's staff, at the lobby of the venue, a plain and blank area surrounded by master workshops as an exact replica of Michelangelo's Pietà and Rodin's Kiss, plus mexican masters Rufino Tamayo and Diego Rivera murals. In addition, the WM-MX community received a backstage tour with the museum closed.

Specific Museo Soumaya case studies

Museo Soumaya decided to adopt the Wikipedian in Residence (WIR) model. From July 2014, ProtoplasmaKid performs this work, with the objective of improving Wikipedia content, give talks and workshops to the museum's staff, assist to Image donation and the coordination of events as edit-a-thons, guided tours and talks. This is the first WIR in Mexico and the second in Latin America.

Planned activites