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Help us learn about the connections between Wikipedia and Libraries!

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The International Federation of Library Associations and the Wikimedia Foundation's Wikipedia Library and GLAM-Wiki team are calling on you to tell us how Wikipedia or other Wikimedia projects and Libraries work together to advance access to information and knowledge in specialized library fields field, types of libraries or professional library and information science context.

To do this, we would like to encourage each of the IFLA Sections and Special Interest Groups to submit as many story/case study as you are able to collect, to us so we can start creating an open online resource spanning the library sector and use your examples as a strong communication resource to engage more librarians and Wikipedians world-wide with each other.

Where can I get started?

You can submit the Case Study either via a Google Doc or here on Wikimedia's Outreach Wiki. To get started, make sure to sign in to your Wikimedia account or create one, and then fill out the following form:

If you need help contact Julia at IFLA ( and Alex at Wikimedia (

What if your not part of a IFLA Section or Special Interest Group?

We still want your case studies! We just want you to use a slightly different form, to keep track of the different stories. Please submit it via the form at:

Why do we want your stories?[edit]

One of the problems we discovered when drafting the IFLA/Wikipedia Opportunities for libraries papers, was that the case studies that we were able to identify, were heavily focused on academic and research libraries and certain kinds of public libraries, and did not represent the full landscape of the library world. IFLA has over 50 Sections and Special Interest Groups which host a wealth of knowledge and cooperation spanning all of the library sector. You all are part of this knowledge and ultimately know your specialised community best!

So we are calling on you to send us your library and Wikipedia stories!

Help IFLA HQ and the Wikimedia Foundation collect more stories, best practises, and case studies about your engagement with Wikipedia. This effort will help to encourage more libraries and cultural heritage institutions to engage with Wikipedia and make it an even more verifiable and critically engaged with source of information for the broader public and help institutions build broader awareness and literacy about how Wikipedia works.


This initiative is a follow up from the IFLA/Wikipedia Opportunities for libraries papers. The papers focused on public and research libraries and we would now like to extend this format and give the entire library community the chance of highlighting the successful and amazing cooperation stories between their library field and Wikipedia.

Our past experience, with the papers and also with the successful #1lib1ref campaign, shows that libraries and Wikipedia have a common goal when it comes to champion democratic values, engage with user participation, and promote access to information. We want to learn more about what makes these collaborations successful in all parts of the world, with all types of libraries.

What if I have questions?[edit]

If you have questions or case studies please send them to Julia at IFLA ( and Alex at Wikimedia (