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There are three reasons, and multiple ways, to approach communities of speakers of other languages;

  • To get them to write about subjects already covered in their primary language, on your language's Wikipedia
  • To get them to write about subjects already covered on your Wikipedia, in their primary language
  • To get them to use images made available by a GLAM in a different country with material that is about their country/culture

You may wish to:

  • approach local language colleges/schools; and individual teachers
  • use your Wikipedia's "Embassy" pages; or those on the target language Wikipedia - example: w:en:Wikipedia:Local_Embassy
  • contact Wikimedia chapters that use the target language (if any)

Cultural communities[edit]

Cultural communities include groups of people of different countries or ethnic groups (and so who may speak different languages; see above); people of particular faiths, people who have disabilities, women's groups (as Wikipedia/Wikimedia have a gender imbalance in favour of men) and others

  • Approach community leaders; existing organisations community centres, etc
    • be open about that fact that you are outside the community concerned, and are seeking help in working with that community sensitively

Some resources[edit]

The skills and strategies for doing these sorts of projects are well developed in other fields. Here are some documents to develop resources from: