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Touring NARA during the WikiX DC event.

During January, there have been plenty of events.

Coinciding with Wikipedia's 10th anniversary, the Derby Museum announced that they were starting a collaboration with Wikipedia. To celebrate this cooperation, there will be a Backstage Pass and GLAMWIKI on April 9, 2011 at the Derby Museum and Art Gallery. This marks the first regional GLAMWIKI in the UK. The museum have been eager to see that articles about their artifacts be written in other languages than English. Read more about the project here

Also, during the Wikipedia 10 years celebration, an Edit-a-thon was held at the British Library. Read more about it at the event page on Wikimedia UK wiki and ongoing collaboration page on Wikipedia.

GLAM fellow Liam Wyatt let Richard McCoy guest blog about the fact that Indianapolis museum students have written Wikipedia articles in class. Together the students created the WikiProject about Public art and uploaded hundreds of images to FlickR.

The end of November saw the GLAM-WIKI:UK 2010 with a lot of prominent guests. Now the slides and audio from the conference have been published on the Wikimedia UK wiki.

The WikiX DC event was held on January 22 at NARA (USA national archives). It included a Backstage Pass tour, Lightning talks and a mini conference. See the full schedule for more details and the extensive w:Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2011-01-24/WikiXDC Wikipedia Signpost coverage.



  • A Hack-a-ton was held in Amsterdam on Friday 14th 2011. See Wikipedia editor TheDJ's blog post. Results of the event included:

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