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Continued from March.



Table from Tools & Requests.

Authors Title Keywords Description Comment
Ed Summers linkypedia tracking, web resource, file reuse linkypedia helps you explore how your web content is used on wikipedia, extract crowd-sourced information about your web resources, and connect with wikipedians who are using your stuff. Comment
??? External Links tracker tracking, links Using the externallinks table it provides a list of links in external link style from the site on which it is applied, to a given URL pattern. For each link the source page is provided, and the exact target, both linked. See British Museum example for how to use. Comment
Magnus Manske MARCsman metadata, Library of Congress A tool to extract metadata from files of the Library of Congress which come along with a MARC record. This tool needs improvement. Always double check the results. Simply c&p the link: See Library of Congress example for how to use. Comment
Henrik Wikipedia article traffic statistics traffic, page views, wikipedia This tool can show page views for any searchterm in several Wikipedias, Commons and Meta. Months can be selected from a dropdown menu starting in December 2007 until now (daily page views for the selected month will display on a chart). See English Wikipedia example for how to use. Comment
Maarten Zeinstra European Public Domain Calculators commons, public domain, copyright This site provides tools and documentation (Europeana Connect project) to determine the copyright status of a work in multiple European jurisdictions, it is able to calculate whether a work is in the public domain in 17 jurisdictions now (May 2011) and 30 jurisdictions by July 2011. ]. Comment
??? ZXing Decoder QR codes This site can verify QR codes. If you create an artwork, banner or something else you can detect whether your implementation of a QR code works properly. Comment
Magnus Manske ISBN usage ISBN tracking Collating the number of times any individual book (or books by a specific publisher) are cited and/or clicked in WP. Effectively shows "most popular book". Comment
Dario Taraborelli and Daniel Mietchen Cite-o-Meter DOI tracking Provides a conservative estimate of the number of Wikipedia or Commons pages that cite journal articles from a particular publisher. Example: BioMed Central

Test by kind of information

  • What activities are there on the topic?
  • Number of articles started
  • Number of articles edited
  • Number of editors involved
  • Most viewed articles
  • Most widely used files
  • Most viewed files
  • Most viewed files, grouped and ranked by source
  • Timeline of edit stats
  • Timeline of upload stats
  • Timeline of view stats

Notes from March


Tool tests

Authors Title Keywords Description Comment
Terence Eden QRpedia QR codes This site can create multilingual QRpedia codes from any Wikipedia. You can access them with a smartphone or reader and will be forwarded to a website. Internet connection is required.
  • All QRpedia codes I tried so far were recognized easily by my QR code reader and brought me to the expected page.
  • Stats are easily accessible for English-language page titles but do not always work usefully with other languages
  • The percentages do not always make sense
Magnus Manske Commons Commander Categorisation Commons Commander (CC) is a GUI for Commons, originally running from Toolserver, now directly on Commons (TEST MODE, real). It allows to add/change/remove categories on files by selecting them through thumbnails. Used it to remove categories from files that had already been categorized by way of a template. Worked as expected