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Gallica Digital Library (Bibliothèque nationale de France)


Each page of the transcribed document contains a "Contribute" link at the top. When clicked, it gives the option to "Corriger la version numérique du texte dans wikisource" (Correct the digital version of the text on Wikisource), which links to the edit view of the particular page, even with a DjVu scan. (The pages are mismatched in the example, though.)

National Archives and Records Administration (United States)


After being transcriptions on Wikisource are validated, they are listed at Wikisource:WikiProject NARA/Completed and then passed to NARA staff by the Wikipedian in Residence to be linked in the catalog. NARA adds links to Wikisource transcriptions in an "Online resources" field, as can be seen at right. There are plans to add links to large video files that NARA can't host, too. In the future, if the online catalog supports a transcription field, NARA might import the text directly.