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  • What tools are out there
  • Tips & tricks
  • "Getting people caught up."
  • 10-20 people at most
  • Don't want to invest effort into people who disappear.
  • Need resources for training.

Rookie Bootcamp


Preferably local (and in local language) Target group: Wikimedians vs non-Wikimedians. It shouldn't be a new editor camp, 4 months of community experience at least.


  • Introduction to the principles of GLAMs (connecting Wikimedia mission with a GLAM one)
  • Dive into the practical things (hands-on approach)
  • Do a case study: get a fictional director in and make them practice.
  • Writing a one-pager (part of the preperation to learn about one of the cultural institutions they have in mind)
  • Making them understand the most often used tools
  • Learn how to get yourself organized and document.
  • Introduction to how the Wikimedia Commons community works (and show them Cat-a-lot, HotCat, CatScan, GLAMorous as a start)
  • Hands on experience: how does a Wikimedia Commons admin work and feel? Deletion flagging, categorization, tagging, renaming etc.
  • Introduction on how to explain copyright and free licensing in particular (= we need to teach them copyright first -> should be an on-wiki course so it can be reused in other contexts)
  • Run down some of the todo items of the todo list of GLAM projects (hands-on session with support of experienced coaches)
  • Event planning: get them introduced to the documentation, practical things, Outreach and inreach
  • Conflict of interest issues

Preparation for participants

  • Prepare at least one institution: facts and background. They need this for preparing the one-pager.
  • Read about the links that are being sent to you.
  • Read up on how copyright works.

Preparations for organizers

  • Build on best practices
  • Alex: prepare a standard for documenting/tracking GLAM's
  • Get in touch with WikiAfrica what resources they have
  • Get in touch with Frank Schulenburg to see how he can help.
  • Writing documentation on event planning.

Next steps

  • Contacting WikiAfrica - Lori will ping Iolanda and send links
  • Contacting Frank Schulenburg - Lori will ping and send links
  • Getting this on-wiki in a concise way - Lodewijk will do this. (
  • Setting a date for the first one or two such a bootcamps: April 2013? Still complicated to find out if we can fit this together. Give also a default scholarship to the WikiGLAM conference in London?
    • Kilian will talk to Wikimedia Germany and possibly also Wikimedia Austria in October/early November about funding for a german language Bootcamp in the spring of 2013 prior to the GLAMwiki Conference
  • Setting a budget: hotel rooms, travel costs, per diems, internet, food.. about 500 euro per person worst case? Total budget: 5000 - 10.000 euro budget. Doesn't seem unreasonable.