History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia/Wikimedians to the Games/Participants/Melissa Carlton

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Wikimedians to the Games


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DYK: 2 Points

Good Articles: 15 Points

Good Article Reviewing: 2 Points

Featured Lists: 15 Points

Featured Articles in English: 50 Points

Featured Articles in Other Languages: 5 Points

Featured Pictures/Sounds: 1 point for successfully nominating APC content / 5 points for creating and nominating original content

Added names of swimmers to

  • File:64 ACPS Atlanta 1996 Swimming Australian Team.jpg and
  • File:16 ACPS Atlanta 1996 Australian Swim Team Training.jpg

Wikinews: 2 Points

Wiki Sport Fridays: 5 Points

  • Wikimedia Outreach Training Day, Kingston LINC Wednesday 29 February