How to build a staff-based university program

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Staff members from these university institutions are proven natural allies of university programs: libraries, teaching & learning centers, technology & learning centers (they go by different names on different campuses)

Step 1: Identify champion (staff) at university[edit]

Step 2: Meet with champion and his/her colleagues & supervisor[edit]

This meeting should aim to reach many more people than just the champion; it is meant to consolidate rapport and secure support from the champion's entire department. An in-person meeting would be ideal.

Step 3: Provide examples from staff at other universities / guidance on how staff can engage in WP activities[edit]

Step 4: Provide some kind of Wikipedia training[edit]

  • On how Wikipedia works
  • On how to edit Wikipedia
  • To provide sample presentations and workshop models

Step 5: Send swag[edit]

Step 6: Generate excitement (press)[edit]