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This page will contain instructional videos on how to edit Wikipedia articles. These videos are primarily intended to be used in Indian outreach programs.


To create a central repository of instructional videos educating one about how to contribute to Wikipedia. A set of videos available at anyone's disposal to get step-by-step guide for editing Wikipedia.


As of now we have videos available on Bookshelf, WP:Screencast and some more. Problem with these videos:

  1. The voice over is in a foreign accent which might be a little difficult for some people to follow.
  2. Most of the videos use "codes" to edit rather than using the automated edit tool bar which is available on the top of the edit page. For example, look at citing sources tutorial which uses code rather than using automated tool button to add citation.


  1. We need to go through as many videos there are already available and figure out which ones can we use as it is.
  2. For the rest, we'll have to create a list of topics on which we want to make videos from scratch.
  3. We need to create really simple, short and easy to understand videos.
  4. In these videos we want to make as much use of automated tool as possible to teach how to edit Wikipedia rather than using codes.

Planned sequence of actions[edit]

  1. Request volunteers to register for this project.
  2. Collate all the videos there are on Outreach, Youtube, and other Wikipages.
  3. Start with a small pilot. Let's begin by making 5 instructional videos.
  4. Actual creation of videos.

Videos proposed to be created[edit]

  1. How to create Wikipedia account?
  2. How to create user page?
  3. How to make a minor edit?
  4. How to leave a message on talk page?
  5. How to add reference?
  6. How to add picture?
  7. Wiki mark up - bold, italics etc.

Software that could be used to create screencasts[edit]

  1. CamStudio (link) to create screencasts. Outputs to AVI or SWF formats; need a converter to convert to Theora OGV format.
  2. Firefogg extension for Mozilla Firefox to convert AVI to OGV. Firefogg does have issues with conversion, so may need better application to convert.


  1. MikeLynch (talk)
  2. Nitika.t (talk)