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This is a list of grant applications that turned out to be successful and have generated money to either a Chapter or the Foundation from an external grant giving organization/fund (not WMF or FDC). Every Chapter that have a successful application(s) is invited to add them here! Please add a short summary in English so that everybody can get an idea of the type of application. If you are willing to translate your application to to English if requested, please state so.

Based on what we know have worked in other countries we can copy the successful ideas and applications and speed things up, reduce our efforts and increase our efficiency. This list will be especially valuable for smaller Chapters and help them get started and achieve funding for some staff. This is also an excellent way to easily find common project in countries close to you and initiate cross-border cooperations and increase scalability.


  • Country – Where the funded project took place.
  • Year – The year that the project was approved.
  • Active project year(s) – The year(s) that the project will span (start to end).
  • Title of the application (original language) – The title used for the application when posted to the grant giving organization/fund.
  • Title of the application (English) – The translated title of the application.
  • Funding – Should include both the Requested amount in the original application as well as the Received amount that was finally approved.
  • Foundation/Grant giving organization – The name of the fund or organization that approved the application plus their website.
  • Link to the application on the Chapter's wiki – Use interwiki links when linking (such as [[:wmse:]] for the Swedish chapter).
  • Link to an English translation of the application – A link to the English version if the application has been translated for some reason.
  • Summary of the application (around 100 words) – A short summary with the main goals and parts of the project. This is just a teaser for other Chapters, so try to keep it within 100 words. Please put it within <ref></ref> so that it does not break up the list and add the project name in bold.
  • Project page (if the project has started) – The page where the project using the funding is described more in detail.
  • External information – Links to places where information about the approved grant has been published.
  • Thematic areas – There are many possible thematic areas that the application could fit within so please add more if needed, together with an explanation what you mean. They can be both directly reached through the application or indirectly (i.e. a positive side effect, but not the main focus in the actual application):
    • Hackathon – A meeting for developers focused on improving the software or develop new tools.
    • Edit-a-thon – A meeting for writers where articles within a specific field are worked on and improved.
    • Open data – Work on getting more data released under free licenses.
    • Photo contest – The organization or involvement in a photo contest.
    • Volunteer support – Efforts by the Chapter to improve the volunteers' possibilities to do a good job.
    • Community building – Efforts by the Chapter to improve the sense among the volunteers that we are working towards the same goals, both within and between countries.
    • Gender – Efforts by the Chapter to improve gender equality.
    • Inter-chapter work – Efforts of improving cooperation between different Chapters.
    • Chapter development – Efforts to make the Chapter function better and do a better job.
    • Content creation – Projects leading to more free material from other institutions/organizations.
    • Studies – Investigative/pilot studies to try out new concepts.
    • Conference participation – The active participation in a conference with the goal of promoting the Chapter or our different projects.
  • Contact person – Name and contact details to a person that can be contacted if someone has questions.

The List of Successful Grant Applications

Country Year Active project year(s) Title of the application (original language) Title of the application (English) Funding Foundation/Grant giving organization (website) Link to the application on the Chapter's wiki Link to an English translation of the application Summary of the application (around 100 words) Project page (if the project has started) External information Thematic areas Contact person
Sweden 2012 2012-2013 Wiki älskar offentlig konst Wiki Loves Public Art Requested: 375,200 SEK (circa US$56,422).
Received: 375,200 SEK (circa US$56,422)
Vinnova, Öppna data 2012 omgång 2 (Vinnova's website (in Swedish)) wmse:Ansökan till Vinnova/Öppna data 2012 omgång 2 Translation upon request. [1] wmse:Projekt:Öppen databas för offentlig konst Direct: Open Data. Hackathons. Indirect: Photo contest. User:John Andersson (WMSE), email: john.andersson﹫
Sweden 2011 2011-2013 Ansökning till stiftelsen Chelha för att förbättra referenser Improving References on Wikipedia Requested: 75,000 SEK (circa US$11,278).
Received: 75,000 SEK (circa US$11,278)
Chelha (Chelha's website (in Swedish)) wmse:Ansökning till stiftelsen Chelha för att förbättra referenser Translation upon request. [2] wmse:Verksamhetsplan 2012/Referenser Chelha's presentation about the project (in Swedish) Direct: Volunteer support. Community building. User:John Andersson (WMSE), email: john.andersson﹫
Sweden 2012 2012 Ansökan till Chelha angående nordisk samverkan Increasing Nordic Cooperation Requested: 43,500 SEK (circa US$6,541).
Received: 45,000 SEK (circa US$6,767)
Chelha (Chelha's website (in Swedish)) wmse:Ansökan till Chelha angående nordisk samverkan Translation upon request. [3] wmse:Verksamhetsplan 2012/Nordiskt samarbete A blog post about the first discussions between the Nordic Chapters (in Swedish) Direct: Inter-chapter work. Chapter development. Conference participation. User:John Andersson (WMSE), email: john.andersson﹫
Sweden 2014 2014-2015 En expandering av – Förbättrad svensk lokalisering av öppen källkod, för enklare onlinedeltagande Expanding the – ‘Improved Swedish localization of open source, for easier online participation’ Requested: 399,000 SEK (circa US$58,488).
Received: 337,000 SEK (circa US$49,400) 2014/Ansökan till Internetfonden Translation upon request. [4] 2014 Direct: Open data, Studies, Volunteer support, Community building Indirect: User:John Andersson (WMSE), email: john.andersson﹫
Sweden 2014 2014-2015 Kvinnor på Wikipedia version 2.0. Women on Wikipedia v. 2.0. Requested: 460,100 SEK (circa US$67,445).
Received: 460,100 SEK (circa US$67,445) wmse:Projekt:Kvinnor på Wikipedia 2014/Ansökan till Ungdomsstyrelsen Translation upon request. [5] wmse:Projekt:Kvinnor på Wikipedia 2014 Direct: Volunteer support, Community building, Studies, Gender Indirect: User:John Andersson (WMSE), email: john.andersson﹫
Sweden 2014 2014-2015 Pilot för inspelning av fri svensk musik Pilot study for recordings of Swedish PD music Requested: 100,000 SEK (circa US$14,659).
Received: 100,000 SEK (circa US$14,659). wmse:Projekt:Inspelning av PD-musik 2014/Ansökan till Kulturbryggan Translation upon request. [6] wmse:Projekt:Inspelning av PD-musik 2014 Direct: Studies, Content creation Indirect: User:John Andersson (WMSE), email: john.andersson﹫
Your successful example!
Your successful example!

Short summaries of the project applications (around 100 words)

  1. Wiki Loves Public Art: The project aims at creating an open database with public artworks in Sweden. Municipalities and other actors will be contacted to convince them to release their data; hence we will spread the concept of open data to many important actors. The database will be useful for many actors in Sweden and not the least for Wikimedia Sweden's projects, amongst them the photo contest Wiki Loves Public Art. Creating a database like this will make it possible to include many more artworks in the contest in the future. A database developer will be hired and we will organize a few hackathons.
  2. Improving References on Wikipedia: The goal with this project is to improve the amount of references on the Swedish language version of Wikipedia. Our volunteers can buy a book, journal etc. that they need for writing well sourced articles on Wikipedia and bill us for the cost of the source material used. It is based on a project idea developed by Wikimedia Deutschland and Wikimedia Österreich.
  3. Increasing Nordic Cooperation: Creating a Nordic yearbook showing the work done in the Nordic Chapters during the year. The idea being that this will facilitate discussions between the Chapters and increase cooperation and best practices as the Nordic countries share many similarities. The Nordic Chapters were also invited to the conference FSCONS in Gothenburg in November 2012.
  4. The project aims to support with better documentation for translators and developers, an outline for a badge system, a new open source project added, a larger group of Swedish translators and translations of five more active projects on the platform.
  5. Women on Wikipedia: The aim is to get more women to participate on Wikipedia.
  6. Recordings of Swedish PD music: The aim is to investigate the costs and prepare for a much larger project in the future.