MENA Wikipedia Education Program meeting, Ahmed Abd Rabou

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  • Professor Ahmed Abd Rabou
  • Interviewed on 10/17/11
  • Introduced by Dr. Iman from Ain Shams (Theatre Professor)
  • Cairo University
  • Took pictures of the Methodology Syllabus (check phone)
  • Teaches two classes on Methodology, 60 Students total (Arabic and English). Interesting that 2 are Chinese students who speak Arabic and Asian Politics (taught in Arabic for Post-Graduate Students, 8 in total)
  • The methodology course focuses on: interviews, discourse, analysis, how to research, etc.
Next Steps
  • Send him an email that sets up the process and page for the course so he can fill out the wiki page (Adel's rec as well)
  • Connect him with Annie
  • Do this by Thursday because he is briefing his students by Thursday, 10/20
  • Ask for a soft copy of their syllabus
  • He provided me with a syllabus of the examples.
  • He could teach the students about how to use citations in Political Sciences and how to reference in these subjects
  • Listen to recording, 30:00 about syllabus breakdown for details
  • Ahmed could incentivize the courses by giving students extra points for doing their assignments on WP.
  • Ahmed seems quite energetic, willing to innovate and energetic.
  • It seems that the professors who have lived outside of Egypt are more willing to accept the curriculum of GEP. I think this has something to do with their willingness to innovate, or their experience in seeing new systems of learning. They've looked outside of their own surroundings.