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The list below is the result of a brainstorming about positioning messages for documents intended for museums, libraries and archives. The brainstorming took place at the Wikimedia Multimedia meeting in Paris, November 6–8, 2009.


  • Contextualization ("access for your target market")
  • Taking the content to other places
  • Engagement (the amount of time people spend with your collection)
  • The more the museums are visible online, the more people can be activated to visit the museum
  • Re-assurance: "Nothing can replace the real thing"


  • Wikipedia is a knowledge repository (common mission)
  • The power of volunteers:
    • Case study I: OCR – Wikisource adds value to the full text search
    • Case study II: Wikimedians check and improve your metadata (authority records)
  • Wikipedians giving classes: "How Wikipedia works" (both for the general public and the library staff) / Broaden the demographics of the users
  • Case study: multilingualism, annotation, disambiguation (Sj)
  • Case study: Jeffdelonge (Wikimedian who saved a collection while he was a library intern)


  • Preservation
    • materials are accessible online (and can take less damage)
    • the data is available somewhere else
  • Metadata can be reviewed and improved (Case studies: Federal Archive) (wisdom of crowds)
  • Case study Durova


  • Wikimedia's mission
  • Wikimedia is an international, non-profit organization
  • You can focus on your job, while we are doing the low-level work