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Resources pages[edit]

     Information for educators      

      Information for students       

Information for program leaders

     Information for volunteers     

On-wiki trainings[edit]

  • w:Wikipedia:Training - English Wikipedia versions, available for instructors, students, and Ambassadors
  • m:Meta:Training - Meta versions, which were reworked slightly to be more adaptable for other language Wikipedias, with instructions for porting the trainings from Meta to another language wiki.
  • Wikimedia:Starting an education program - step-by-step instructions for planning a new education program

"For educators" portal[edit]

  • Education/For educators - An overview of reasons to do Wikipedia writing assignments and the resources for educators that are available
    • Education/Reasons to use Wikipedia - list of benefits for students, possible learning outcomes, and commons challenges for Wikipedia assignments
    • Education/Assignment Design - short descriptions of and links to three education brochures (Instructor Basics, Case Studies, and The Syllabus) and another description and link for the "for educators" training on English Wikipedia. For more in-depth material about assignment design options, see Educators_Orientation_Resources/Classroom#Wikipedia_Assignments_Types
    • Education/The Syllabus - the wiki version of the example syllabus, last updated to match the November 2012 print edition, along with a list of selected syllabi from previous courses (primarily from the Public Policy Initiative)
    • Education/Materials for Teaching - a collection of things that can be used in courses: inspirational videos, tools for generating excitement (like live streams of edits, and page view stats), some of the instructional handouts that are referenced in the syllabus, and some supplementary screencasts that aren't used in the trainings.
    • Education/Case Studies - the wiki version of the Case Studies, with a link for people to create new case studies using the same template.

Resource collections on Commons[edit]

Resources for the EducationProgram (course pages) extension[edit]

  • mw:Wikipedia Education Program - the current hub for development, including the agenda for improving the legacy software. See also mw:Editor campaigns for the broader suite of tools that will eventually replace it.
  • mw:Extension:Education Program - documentation for the extension, including instructions for getting it enabled on a new wiki.
  • w:Wikipedia:Course pages - documentation for how course pages are done on English Wikipedia (through a mix of the extension itself and some templates that add additional functionality)

Additional resources pages[edit]