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Thank you for your application![edit]

i'd like to know[edit]

(Excuse my english, it's not my first language)

I have seen, from my past experience on-wiki, that many people take part when we organize an education program, a workshop or something similar. After the education program/workshop, however, no one continues to edit the Bengali Wikipedia. It's possible that many at the workshop try to make some edits, but they do not come back to the Bengali Wikipedia afterwards. As a result of this, even if you call it a 'workshop', no new Wikipedians can be found.

When, as well, we organize a writing contest, new Wikipedians come who mainly write articles to win awards. After such contests they no longer regularly edit on-wiki.

1. My question to you is this: what assurances can you give that at the end of this program we can find at least two or three new Wikipedians who will edit regularly on bnwiki (like you or me, who are editing on bnwiki for many years now)?

(I would like to be aware of these assurances because if at the end of the program no new Wikipedians can be found (who will regularly edit), then so much of your money and valuable time will have gone to waste. You might be better off organizing an article writing competition, from which the Bengali Wikipedia may gain more.)

2. A second question I have is this: how many new articles (good, of more than one or two lines) can we hope for on the Bengali Wikipedia after this training of 200 people during this program?

@User:RockyMasum, User:Tarunno, User:Mmrsafy --আফতাবুজ্জামান (talk) 14:01, 15 May 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@আফতাবুজ্জামান: Thanks for your opinion. You have some mentioned some good points. We also noticed the issues and looking after those issues.
You say, “After the education program/workshop, however, no one continues to edit the Bengali Wikipedia.” Yes, most of the time it’s true, not always. Me and our other team member Mostafizur Rahman started editing after attending workshops on our university campus. But the thing is the retention rate is very low. After a workshop or meet up, we have found some curious person who are seriously want to contribute. They create few articles or do some edit, then we actually lost them. There are some reasons behind this. More or less everybody familiar with the reasons. I like to discuss only one reason and that is we cannot follow up with them after a workshop/meet up. We know that in the beginning, contributing to wikipedia is not an easy job for the newbies. So if we can nurse them for a certain period, hopefully we can find a good result. The education program can be a good tool in perspective. Education program gives us the opportunity to get in touch with the newbies for a certain period of time. This is also a good platform to get involved with the academics. If we can get an academic as a wikipedian, he can influence many students quite easily and it can be helpful in different aspects.
Our target is to get involved with minimum 200 students. May be the quantity is high, but we are confident with our plan. If at the end of this program, we can get 5-10% of the participants as good or regular contributor, we can say our project is successful. By this time, we will arrange editathon, article competition or some other activity to encourage the participants. So we can easily make 200 or more good articles. I think, it will be not a big deal. Hope you get your answers. If you have anything more, please feel free to ask. Thank you.--RockyMasum (talk) 17:27, 16 May 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Selection process has finalized![edit]