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Galder Gonzalez Great to see the Education Program activities in Basque. As i have already Conducted several Workshop, Edit-a-thon on Wikipedia Education Program in my Community but now i am planning to do some activities in Academic at my University. planning to add a Wikipedia Education Program in a Course by taking help from a Lecturer of Computer Science Department. I have seen that Basque User Group already done it. Can you share the starting guidelines as well as the obstacles which can be very useful for me. Mohammed Galib Hasan (talk) 06:41, 5 August 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hello! Great to see you have interest on our work. We have published nearly monthly how we did this, and some problems we had. Maybe you could be more specific on what you are looking for, so I can help you with specific information? -Theklan (talk) 09:26, 5 August 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Thanks for your reply! Galder Gonzalez I am trying to give you some idea how i planned. I am planning to Involve the 1st & 2ns semester Students into the Program. They will write the articles related their Course synopsis where the Course Teacher will help me regarding this as example giving the Students assignment to submit some selected articles related their course. But before this i can take one or more Workshop regarding Editing Wikipedia as the Students get some basic guideline how to Contribute in Wikipedia. Looking for more suggestion from you. Mohammed Galib Hasan (talk) 13:12, 5 August 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Mohammed Galib Hasan:: First of all, it is really important to know in which language they are going to contribute, and fill the guidelanes for that language Wikipedia. If you are using English Wikipedia, maybe other users with more expertise in the complex relation between students, teachers and Wikipedia can help you. Once you have that in mind, and if you are not going to use English, try to figure out what important articles are missing in that language. A good tool for that is PetScan, I wrote about it here. Then, we use the Dashboard to track what students are doing, and help professors and lecturers with grading and tracking their students.
We go to each classroom and give a one-hour guide about how Wikipedia works. There are also some good brochures that can help them with the process. We try to allocate a second hour so students can start making edits in Wikipedia, add a reference, correct something... usually is easier if they change something about their country/town/beloved musician than about high-science. The most important thing... when you leave the classroom, maybe you wont see them in a while, so be sure they understand how Wikipedia works, and be sure they know how to contact you if they have any doubts.
Lastly, try to go again to their classroom once they have their article ready. If they are using the Sandbox, or they are using a Word document, they will need help to make the article better: how to add images (and why they can't simply take something from Google), how to reference (again) or how to move from the sandbox are the usual questions.
Let me know if this helps you! -Theklan (talk) 15:07, 6 August 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Theklan:: Thanks a lot for your great suggestion and fruitful guidance. As i am Planning to run this Program to my Junior Semester friends in a Computer Science Course so may be the articles will be that Course Related. Already i have talked to the Course Instructor about this Program, he showed his interest on it. At first i will go for English Wikipedia as its more in decent way and useful for all. I will start on a basic guidelines like how to edit, how to upload pictures in Commons etc. Hopefully there will be a lot of conversation with you related this. If you want to share any resources from your previous Education Program in Basque that will be great for me. Mohammed Galib Hasan (talk) 07:18, 7 August 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]