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The Education Program South Africa'

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All South African educational institutions are invited to set new program schedules, monthly newsletter, articles that need to be improved, training for the students. Come and help the project to reach the wikipedia standard. Your ideas will be appreciated.

Education plans for editors has been setup,

follow the link to help us expanding the project.

 Education Portal/Program Plans/South Africa



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Pilot Wikipedia Education Program in South Africa

Proposal for the further development of the Education Portal


For everyone who is will to help building this Portal, I would like to put the following proposal up for discussion:

A central trainig in English and decentralized education portals in various languages


The further development of the Education Portal could take place along the following lines:

There would be a main education portal (the existing Education Portal on the Outreach wiki), mainly in English, dedicated to both international and national exchange of experiences and best practices, mostly within the Wikimedia community. It would serve as a 'training' for a series of other, decentralized and localized education portals (such as outreach:Student Organizations/South Africa, and others).

The localized education portals would be dedicated to the provision of information and the exchange of best practices within one language area or around the education programme(s) in one specific country or group of countries. They would serve as the main information platforms that help educators to get started. These education portals could take shape either on the Outreach wiki or elsewhere, e.g. chapter wikis or wikipedia project pages in various languages. They would be autonomously managed, the only requirement being that they link to the main education portal on the Outreach wiki and that they function as portals or hubs in their own specific area.

Development of the Main Education Portal (central hub) based on three pillars


1) Portal

  • Develop the Best Practices section („Tips and Tricks“) in a collaborative approach of the chapters / organizations that are most advanced in the respective areas and by actively involving the future "users" of the information wherever possible.
  • Develop the inventory of Projects and Programs based on yearly progress reports (by country). This can also be seen as a first step towards common (minimal) reporting standards thanks to a common template for yearly progress reports and an occasion to collect inputs for the further development of the portal and programming of exchange meetings / conferences.

2) Newsletter

  • Continue with the chosen approach; get better coverage from European chapters.
  • Distribute the newsletter also via the education mailing list.
  • Add a section about updates to the portal (Best Practices that have been newly added, Overview of Yearly Reports, etc.), starting from Jan. or Feb. 2013.

3) Real Life Meet-ups

  • In order for the community of practice to thrive we'll need real life meet-ups or conferences. Workshops can be organized to jointly develop the Best Practices section of the portal.
  • Upcoming meet-ups will be announced.

Please let us know what you think and to what extent you would be able to further contribute to the portal, the newsletter, and the Community of Practice.