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Hey, great start! What I'm missing a bit from this schedule is the hands-on part though. We discussed that in London, and I got quite enthusiast about it :) From my memory, we had two specific hands-on workshops as part of the bootcamp: 1) an actual conversation with a GLAM-"director" to see what can come up in negotiations. 2) Writing a one-pager on your favorite planned collaboration.

Anyway, I think a few hands-on sessions might make it even a more rocking schedule! Effeietsanders (talk) 13:24, 26 September 2012 (UTC)[reply]

You have good points here. I think (1) would happen during the first session. That is, the GLAM professionals we invite to talk about GLAM principles will also participate in more of a free-flowing discussion with the attendees. I know we talked about this being more of a roleplay thing, but I couldn't really figure out how to make that realistic with a dozen people in the room and just one director, so I think a simple discussion will suffice. Regarding (2), you're right that I kind of left that out. In making this schedule, I thought about it, and I wasn't sure spending a whole session on that was justifiable, and thought maybe it would get folded into the session on communication. Of course, this is all hypothetical, so these don't represent actual decisions on the programming yet, just my initial formulation. Neither of these were strong opinions, either, so I could imagine we might have workshops more like what you're talking about in the end. Dominic (talk) 15:32, 9 October 2012 (UTC)[reply]


Great concept! I went ahead and added a Participation section for contributors to indicate their interest in attending or volunteering. --Another Believer (talk) 17:09, 2 October 2012 (UTC)[reply]