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helping new editors on[edit]

Polish Wikipedia has recently created self-teaching element for new editors w:pl:Wikipedia:Wstęp. It teaches basic thinks about editing. The main topics are:

  1. krok pierwszy – po prostu zobacz, że Wikipedię można edytować - Step one: just see that you can edit Wikipedia
  2. krok drugi – czyli proste formatowanie - Step two: simple formating
  3. krok trzeci – wstawianie linków - Step three: insert links
  4. krok czwarty – ilustrowanie - Step four: instering graphics
  5. krok piąty – używanie szablonów - Step five: using templates
  6. krok szósty – testowanie dodatkowych znaczników, służących do cytowania - Step six: Additional markings

Then one can take a test to verify knowledge about the basic Wikipedia rules: What Wikipedia is not, Copyrights, Verifiability, No original research, Neutral point of view, Notability & Etiquette.

This has benn succesfully used on a few workshops for newbies. Masti 13:13, 16 April 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Similar project[edit]

Wikimedia Indonesia already done this (see Free Your Knowledge 2010) and put it as writing competition. I don't know how you will implemented this, but I think we already have best practice by able to actually quantify contributions as scoring methods. We did it for 10 Universities. Not only that we have students, but we have best of the best students <-- this is important since not all students are interested (in the end), or one that are interested may end up not capable (seriously). Say, if you have left over from the grant, we're interested to continue our Indonesian effort (*wink*) and you don't even need to do pilot then (*grin*) we will share you our result. (Siska Doviana)