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  • [Ahem] The book I wrote, Wikipedia:The Missing Manual, contains a large number of step-by-step tutorials on how to edit. A lot of thought went into deciding what to create tutorials about, how much to cover in each, and the sequence of chapters/concepts in the book. While not perfect, this seems to me to be a good place to start (for example, by making a list of tutorials in the book), to avoid "reinventing the wheel". And another book, How Wikipedia Works, contains a lot of how-to-edit instructions, and could be similarly useful. (Unfortunately the text of that book isn't available online, at the moment, though one of the authors is planning to put it back up.) -- John Broughton
Hi John, thanks for the feedback. I am very familiar with your book, and refer people to it frequently -- it's a fantastic resource. I did not realize you had put the entire text on Wikipedia, which is great to know!
I think you've misunderstood what we're trying to do here -- which is to be expected, as I haven't done a good job of explaining it.
The core of this project is to produce resources for how to easily produce screencasts, and an online home/WikiProject for people who want to work on that in an ongoing way. So, in the design of the project, we are not trying to make decisions about what are the most important ones to produce, or the very best way to do them; rather, we're exploring ways to provide resources that help motivate/support people to create screencasts that are useful to moving a specific discussion or training session forward.
So, the list is meant as a brainstorming space, nothing more. In a way, I would *like* to see people reinventing the wheel, on an individual basis -- "inventing wheels" that serve the subject areas they personally know, or their language version, or their preferred Wikimedia project, or people their age, etc. Of course, the more people are informed about work like yours as they do that -- and sharing their own thinking as they create resources -- the better.
Does that approach make sense to you? -Pete F 16:16, 30 August 2010 (UTC)Reply
Yes, it makes sense to provide tools and information to Wikipedians who would then uses the tools and information to produce the screencasts that have everyday editors, and people considering becoming editors, as their target audience. Wikipedia would benefit tremendously by having a large set of how-to screencasts for editors. John Broughton 20:10, 30 August 2010 (UTC)Reply

Let's do some of this on en


Hello, I guess I made the cut. Can anyone else who's going and notices this page contact me at User talk:Peregrine Fisher on I'd like to discuss things, and it's hard to do it here. Thanks. - Peregrine Fisher 01:23, 10 September 2010 (UTC)Reply