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Draft from Chapters[edit]

On the 15th of January 2011 Wikipedia celebrates its 10th anniversary. Of course, this is reason for world wide celebrations. Everyone is encouraged to organize their own, local activities. Where possible, the Wikimedia Foundation and several chapters will support local events in a number of ways.

What will happen on a central level?[edit]

First of all, a central online registration system for local events will be in place from October onwards. Register your event in time to make it part of the world wide buzz around Wikipedia's 10th anniversary. Through your registration, you can also request swag, which we will try to send to you well in advance.

Have trouble thinking of what to organize? Have a look at the list of planned events to see what others have come up with or check out our event templates if you want more detailed suggestions about how you could set up your event.

Wikipedia takes the world![edit]

Besides, January 15th will be the kick off date for Wiki takes the World: a world wide photo contest, challenging people in all parts of the world to document the world around them in pictures, video and audio and upload it under a free license. Special attention will go to pictures that can help illustrate Wikipedia articles for which no image is available yet. Of course, there will be some nice awards for the best pictures. More information on the guidelines and duration of Wiki takes the world can soon be found here.

So, what can I do?[edit]

Organize your own Wiki-X event! Big or small, local or regional: all your activities are much appreciated. It may be a party on your campus, a mini-conference about Wikipedia, a scavenger hunt, editing workshop, Wikipedia-academy, an exhibition of Commons pictures or anything else you can think of. Share your event with the world by registering it online and receive swag or other help to make your event even more successful.

Would you like to help coordinate the world wide efforts and are you available for at least a couple of hours per month? Join the Wiki-X task force.


The Wikimedia Foundation will send out communications around January 15th, announcing the anniversary and all the events to the world. Chapters are encouraged to localize press releases, but also local groups and individuals are encouraged to help spread the word.