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Generally this looks very solid! I think this could work really well. I made a few minor changes - mostly clarifications - directly to the schedule. I am using this page to discuss my other, larger-scale suggestions/feedback. I would appreciate feedback about these feedback as well, because I think some of them are important, at least:

  • In general: the schedule mentions various handouts and other materials that don't yet exist. I've  highlighted these items in the schedule so we remember to create them before the training.
  • For "Ambassador High-Level Expectations," it seems that much of this can just come from the Ambassador Principles that we drafted earlier on.
  • For the homework section:
    • Could we link to the mentioned online resources? For example, "Read Ellie's userpage handout" can be linked to the actual handout (which is available for free download on Wikipedia), "Sandbox screencast" can be linked to the actual screencast video, etc.
    • There are a lot of handouts mentioned in the homework section. How will we get these handouts to the Campus Ambassadors before the training, to help them with their homework? Will all the handouts be finished and available online before the trainings?
    • How will we check whether they did their homework or not? Perhaps they should be required to tell us their Wikipedia usernames right after they create them, so we can sort of track the work they've done on Wikipedia before training.
  • Wikipedia editing section (10:45-12:00 on Day 1):
    • This section mentions the "Mechanics" bucket several times, but this term was not used in the "List of modules & buckets" section... Which bucket exactly is being referred to here? The "Wikipedia Essentials" bucket?
    • The "Wikipedia editing" section serves two purposes: (1) making sure that the Ambassadors all know how to edit Wikipedia themselves, and (2) starting to teach them how to train students to edit Wikipedia. One feedback I received from many of the current Campus Ambassadors is that it was confusing when these two purposes were not clearly distinguished during a training activity. I would really recommend that we make the two purposes very clear up front, and explicitly notify the trainees when we transition from one to the next. I took the liberty to slightly reorder the bulletin points in this section for that reason, but even then I think we still need to distinguish the two purposes very clearly during training!
  • One more thought (more of a random idea): the trainings sort of overlap with the Wikipedia 10 celebrations. It might be fun to tune in the Campus Ambassadors to some of these celebrations (videos of celebrations? Skype video conferences?). The Midwest regional training (Jan 14-15) will exactly overlap with the Wikipedia 10th anniversary day.

Again, overall I think this schedule looks great. The comments above are just my opinion on what could make this training even better.
Alin 23:48, 20 December 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

LiAnna's response[edit]

Annie was spot-on with several of her points... in fact, they were things I was working on while she typed them! :) Here are some comments back:

1. Materials that don't exist -- I finished highlighting the ones we need to develop, I think. Most of Day 2's curriculum needs to be developed.

2. High-Level Expectations -- Good suggestion re: principles; I'll let Rod/Frank sort this out as they're in charge of this section.

3. Homework -- I already linked what we had. We'll send them links; I'm envisioning this being emailed to them so they can click through. Handouts that are still to be developed will be done shortly, I hope. If you think you have the bandwidth to track what they're doing, go for it! :) Maybe this is something we can bring up at T3?

4. Wikipedia editing section -- I revamped this to more clearly state what I meant, as it was obvious from your comments that I wasn't clear the first time. I hope this addresses all concerns.

5. Wikipedia10 -- cool idea! Maybe discuss how to accomplish at T3?

--Ldavis 00:45, 21 December 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Stats 400 million vs 11 million Question[edit]

According to the "Wikipedia by the Numbers" slide in the Day 1 training slide deck, verified by a quick search, there are (over) 400 million unique visitors to Wikipedia and over 410 million unique visitors to all the Wikimedia projects per month. However, the intro to the training described here lists 11 million:

11 million unique visitors a month, 15 billion pages, ~5% of the world's population

Is there some qualification on the type of user or project here or is it just a mistake?

No clue where that 11 million number came from -- a random copy and paste from something wrong, most likely. I've fixed it. Thanks for pointing this out! -- LiAnna Davis (WMF) (talk) 15:35, 29 August 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]