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One challenge to offering guidance on instructor assessment feedback is that while this page is outlining some good, baseline principles for assessing student contributions, it would be more helpful from a student side to see the specific assignments. Students will want to see examples of successful work, a connection to the course outcomes (as an explanation to why they should engage in this work), and specific course grade point values for each piece of attempted work. A scoring guide, which articulates the features of work at each grade point, would be very helpful for students. (And perhaps this exists elsewhere, and I haven't seen it ;)) --BobCummings 01:48, 16 September 2010 (UTC)


  • Wikipedia editors are a bridge between secondary and tertiary sources. As such, they are first and foremost readers rather than writers! After explaining usernames, adoption and the basics of editing, I'd show 'em Google books and give 'em points for fixing {{citation needed}} tags. Explain how to search for the terms in the context of the tag that will be used as gogle search terms; explain how to spot the most reliable sources (that may be a bit advanced); explain how to read the google book source closely to look for the correct info. Even Google scholar sometimes has pdf files that are accessible to the public etc... Make it a contest, like whack-a-mole or something, but they only get points if no one else rmvs their source.. (see below about mentors). Give out awards. And so on. Do that for at least two weeks (but not too long; it'll get boring).
  • Teachers should always and everywhere know who their students mentors are and befriend them. Interact on-wiki and via email. Explain pedagogical points of interest ("for the next two weeks we are playing cite-tag-whack-a-mole"). etc. The teacher should ask the mentor to help the student learn those points ("how to cite a reference in two different formats .. not one, or their understanding will plateau..") This can also be useful for security screen etc. in case the mentor has any undesirable characteristics (including things as innocent as being basically clueless about how to write an article etc.) Ling.Nut 13:47, 17 September 2010 (UTC)