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This template is used to show localized images (and another media) in the language of the current page. Users can create localized version of screenshots, diagramms etc., which the standartized form of filename Filename langcode.file_extension (e.g. File:Sysopdeleteform el.png), where "code" is language code. The template first checks if the page the template is used on contains a language code at the end (e.g. Template:Sysophelp/doc/el). If it does, it then checks if the filename given as a first parameter has a translation in that language (e.g. File:Sysopdeleteform el.png). If the page name does not contain a language code, or if the localized file doesn't exist in that language, it will display the file with base filename (e.g. File:Sysopdeleteform.png).

How to use[edit]

  • {{Localized media | filename without extension | file extension}}
  • {{LM | filename without extension | file extension}}

If file extension is not defined, used .png by default.

Example (from Administrator):

{{Localized media | Sysopdeleteform | png}} or {{LM | Sysopdeleteform | png}}

which includes translated versions of File:Sysopdeleteform.png if it exists, or the English version if translations don't exist.