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This template is used in other templates with the name "Template:Other languages/Page name" as such:

{{other languages|en|fa|fr|oc|etc|page=top page}}
example: {{other languages|ca|en|fa|fr|ja|mk|oc|pt|zh|page=Meta:Categories}}

Warning about the implementation: to avoid the nasty "template include depth limit exceeded" error (for example on Board elections/2008), do not factorize the list of #if making this template. Keep it linear, otherwise it will break important pages on this wiki using this template for accessing available translations. The way it is made does not exhaust the server resources (it also allows this template to support up to 60 languages, possibly more if the template is extended to support more parameters), but factorizing #if will exhaust them (in terms of total parameter size for their expansion) and will definitely not optimize things.