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The template provides a uniform way to provide information about a template.


Parameter name Description Default value

1 parameter name (similarly 2, 3, .., up to 20) empty
1d description of the parameter (similarly 2d, 3d, .., up to 20d) empty
1def default value of the parameter (similarly 2def, 3def, .., up to 20def) empty
name name of the template (needed e.g. for viewing the documentation on another page than the template page, in particular for viewing the documentation page separately) empty
i18n-method method the localization is achieved by; possible values:
using {{autotranslate}} or applying a similar method
branching to translations in the template itself
using MediaWiki namespace messages
no localization for the template itself
i18n-desc additional info about the localization empty
i18n-mediawiki-msg When using "mediawiki-msg" as method, optionally put the name of the message here.
seealso relevant links empty
relieson templates directly or indirectly called by the template empty


This template calls Template:Tdoc/en. The following language versions are available: English | +/- Each calls Template:Tdoc/layout.

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