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The rewrite is intended to do two things:

  • highlight obvious opportunities to get involved above less obviously accessible projects like the Public Policy Initiative (which is awesome, but subject-scoped and US-centric)
  • try to find a friendly and inviting tone. Welcome templates are often very NPOV-ey, but I think here we should try to set the best possible example for positive language.

I'm sure it can be improved further and would appreciate your thoughts. I do think the principle that any link in the template needs to go to a page where it's obvious how I can get involved is important. By that principle, the student clubs page (which doesn't have instructions for starting a club yet) may not be suitable for inclusion. I think enforcing that principle strictly will force us to continually make all our efforts more community-accessible --Eloquence 08:50, 27 January 2011 (UTC)[reply]