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The Wikipedia Library

The Wikipedia Library helps editors access reliable sources to improve Wikipedia.

We also help knowledge professionals share their collections with the public.

About the library[edit]

The Wikipedia Library (en/meta) is an open research hub, a place for active Wikipedia editors to gain access to the vital reliable sources that they need to do their work and to be supported in using those resources to improve the encyclopedia. We aim to make access and use of sources free, easy, collaborative and efficient.

The Wikipedia Library is run by a team of staff and volunteers led by Jake Orlowitz (User:Ocaasi (WMF)) and funded by the Wikimedia Foundation. We operate on a community-organized satellite model: we administer the global project but work with local coordinators in local Wikipedia projects to help each community set up their own libraries.

Get in touch!
email: wikipedialibrary﹫
twitter: @wikilibrary
facebook: The Wikipedia Library
mailing list: Wikipedia-Library

Our goals[edit]

  • Partner to provide free access to paywalled publications, databases, universities, and libraries
  • Facilitate research for Wikipedians, helping editors to find and use sources
  • Build relationships among our community of editors, libraries, and librarians
  • Connect editors with their local library and freely accessible resources
  • Promote broader open access in publishing and research