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You've persecuted us for generations... And now you beg us to aid you?
We will do what we must... But we do it for Aiur, not you!

QR code that links to meta userpage of とある白い猫


Hello, welcome to my userpage. If you know a language aside from English, just hop in and join the effort to translate my username to many languages... Thank You in over 465 languages in advance.

This page is more of an interwiki portal for me. For information on me please see commons:User:とある白い猫


All of the bots I operate use the same code. Bot uses pywikipedia and AWB framework.

The bot operates the following pywikipedia scripts by default:

Aside from these the bot can use any other elements of pywikipedia framework and AWB per request. [1]

Bot status
Bot flag granted Bot operation denied
Bot trial period No bot flag
Wiki status
Active wiki
Closed wiki
N/A Not applicable