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Akwugo na mbutu
Knowledge for service

Wikipedia puzzleglobe
Wikipedia puzzleglobe
Black Lunch Table Physical event with Igbo Wikimedians User Group 6

About Me

I am Chinwendu Peace Akwugo, alumna @ University of Benin(Nigeria). I am a linguist and I Love contributing to Wikimedia Foundation projects.I have participated as a Student and as an Instructor in Wikimedia projects.

I joined the Movement during the Decolonise the internet (Nigeria)Asọmpi Mkpụrụokwu otu Nari I have joined so many competitions, trainings here

Onye ntụgharị Pụrụ iche n'afọ 2022
Anyị n'ekele gị maka ọrụ ị na-arụ na Wikipidia Igbo. Daalụ maka ịtụgharị edemede karịrị nari anọ. Ị mere nke ọma, jisie ike!


Capacity Building Trainings

WIR-Code for Africa Climate Change project

Certificate of participation

Kiwix4school African Mentorship program

Certificate of Completion

Train the Trainer in Africa

Certificate of Completion



You get a Write for the Rights medal Barnstar from us, for your great contribution in the Write for the Rights Nigeria 2022 contest, and to the visibility of LGBT+ persons on Wikipedia.

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