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Languages and skills:
4 This user has a professional level of media production skills (audio, video, print, online) (works independently from design to final output; can manage outside vendors as part of a team; expert with production tools).
4 This user has a professional level of project management skills (5+ years experience managing all aspects of a project. Complex risk, resources and client management).
2 This user has an intermediate level of teaching skills (More than one year as teaching assistant in classroom/college/university or tutoring experience. At least one year as classroom teacher; might not have teaching certificate).
1 This user has a basic experience level of talking to the press (helped distributing a press release; has written a comment/letter to the editor).


I am the Project Manager for Wikimedia Bookshelf project. I have over 11 years work experience in various aspects of design and development of learning solutions right from sales support to instructional design to project management. I have led geographically distributed, multicultural teams to deliver elearning, mobile learning, and print solutions in primarily corporate environments. Further information on my work experience and education are available at:

I am passionate about creating quality solutions that the users can find value in and I enjoy the team process of creating products together. It is for this reason, that I am very excited to be part of the Bookshelf project. I hope we can together create a set of materials that can help break barriers of complexity for new editors (current target audience) when they start contributing to Wikipedia.

Check out the project details at: When you are there, please do take the time to view the deliverables in development - we need your help to define the content that might be helpful for the new editors.

If you have a question or feedback, please feel free to leave me note at my talk page. Alternatively, you can reach me at: aradhana﹫

Thanks and be well!