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Developing Models/Future for GLAM: Case studies and Frameworks - Alex Stinson


Participants will be able to:

  • Identify new strategies that are having impact across the movement
  • Evaluate and engage in movement wide opportunities for GLAM


  • Review This Month in GLAM materials and recent communications about GLAM-Wiki projects
  • Update a slide deck to highlight non-standard GLAM-Wiki projects

How to present it:

Remember, in most contexts, the main tools and projects folks will be familiar with when “GLAM-Wiki” is mentioned, will be Wikipedians in Residence, Editathons and Content Donations. If you think your audience is fairly familiar with these kinds of model projects, focus them on new or challenging strategies for "doing GLAM-Wiki".

Make sure to take your time, and incrementally review projects from various parts of the community: one of the challenges in a Global and distributed movement is adequetely communicating the diverse experience we have as a community. Make sure to highlight whats unique about the project, how they are organized and function, and what the impacts or implications of the projects are.

Example slide deck:

Finding a project that you want to pursue


SWABAT: Develop the framework choosing and supporting their own work in GLAM-Wiki. Identify and develop a plan for approaching partners that you are interested in supporting.

By yourself for 10-15 minutes, Do a small self generation workshop:

  • What kinds of skills can you bring to a GLAM-Wiki partnership? What kinds of projects would you like to do?
  • Look at your list of partners in your local context: do you think they would be receptive to what you bring? What motivation do you have for working with that organization?
  • How would you approach that partner?
  • What do you think would be challenging about that partnership? What would you have to learn to be effective at the partnership?

25 minutes: Get with 1-2 other people, and workshop your ideas and goals:

  • What do you want to approach partners with? What can you bring to the partners?
  • What would be challenging working with one of these partners?
  • What are the things you would like to learn to be really successful at doing outreach and engaging one of those partners?

Share back out: <1 minute each:

  • What is the opportunity?
  • What do you bring?
  • What do you still think you will be challenged by?

Evaluating Projects and Sharing Lessons



  • Identify what you want to be able who needs to know about the GLAM-Wiki Project.
  • Examine several successful communications about GLAM-Wiki, to identify different models of communication.
  1. Quick tour of the evaluating projects space on outreach: outreach:GLAM/Evaluation_of_GLAM-Outreach_Activities
  2. Examine one project (try to pick one that you are familiar with, with a variety of different types of reporting, the #1lib1ref campaign is a good example, though might be intimidating):
  3. Learning Patterns:
  4. Some tips
    1. Report what you can report, don't spend too much time trying to find data, you don't think you have
    2. Report what you predicted outcomes on, and unexpected results when you can identify them
    3. Keep track of things as you go -- when its a campaign or multi-time event, keep track of as much as you can during the event.
  5. Questions?