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About me

My name is Camelia (chosen for the character Camelia Peral performed by María Felix in Camelia, the Mexican version of The Lady of the Camellias), born in Romania (under the Ceausescu era) and living in Rome since 1992. I lived in a dark period of the history of my native country and this led me to develop solidarity and to have a great sense of transparency and justice. Both citizenship, Romanian and Italian, I'm the proud mum of a 21 year old teen that, even after translating 3 female biographies, doesn't consider herself a Wikipedian .

I have a background in economics at University of Craiova (I also studied a bit of both Philosophy and Psicology at La Sapienza University in Rome, without completing the course of study), but I work as Java Enterprise developer for an IT company in Rome. I'm interested in many things, first of all software development, Wiki Loves Monuments & Wiki Loves Folklore, education, STEM fields and gender gap.

My work

  • Affiliates & Committes

Wikipedian since March 18th 2007 and wikimedian since September of the same year, I served as Wikimedia Italy's first coordinator for Education in Lazio region from October 2015 since March 2017. On August 2016 I founded the WikiDonne project in Italian Wikipedia, becoming in November of the same year the founder and Chair of WikiDonne User Group. I'm supporting many User Groups engaged in diversity, serving as contact for WikiClassic and Wikigrannies. WMIT member from the beginning (2007), member of WLM Italy preliminary jury for ten editions from 2012 to 2022, WMSE member since 2017, WMAR and WMCH member since 2018, then WMDC, WMNY & WMBE. AffCom member since 16 january 2017, I served as treasurer in 2018 and 2020 and as it's Chair in 2022; with my colleagues I love help affiliates to organize themselves and solve conflicts (as a member of the Mediation SubCommittee). I think that user groups are the first entities to grow up our comunity, because they are present on the territory. From October 2022 I am one of the Northern and Western Europe Grants Committe members.

  • 2030 Strategy & Wikimania

Coordinator of the Diversity Working Group for Wikimedia Strategy 2030 (as we need to involve in our projects young people - for the generational exchange, un- and under-reppresented groups or languages, women/no binary people - to fill the gender gap and for diversity - to have e different point of view), I co-lead the Diversity Space @ Wikimania 2019 in Stockholm, becoming a Diversity Ambassador of the Wikimedia movement and I'm taking part in the Gender gap task force.

  • Wikimedia intiatives, camps & campaigns

Individually or together with other wikimedians & friends, I ideated and/or coordinating several initiatives and projects (like the Interwiki Women Collaboration, Wiki Loves Sport, Wiki Loves Fashion, Wiki Loves Cinema, Women in Climate Change campaigns, Planetary Science Wiki Edit-a-thon, Women in STEM, Women in the arts, Women and the Holocaust, Women in Comics projects, Art + Feminism in itwiki, SheSaid in itquote, Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos, WikiWomen Camp and Wiki Loves Folklore, serving in 2024 as its NW Europe Ambassador).

  • Wikimedia projects

Till the infinite block, I was mostely active in Italian wikipedia (writing 955 new articles, created WikiDonne project and Feminism Portal), then commons.wikimedia, but also ro.wikipedia & en.wikipedia, it.wikiquote, it.wikibooks and Wikidata. I just started with it.wikisource, thinking for a long time it was suitable only to librarians. I'm training students on Wikipedia and Wikibooks and coordinating WiKiDonne's educational program since 2021.

  • Social media

I am also managing some affiliate/campaigns social media account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Telegram.

Contact me

camelia.boban(_AT_) / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest

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